Volunteer Opportunities

WVU Medicine accepts three types of volunteers: Adults, college students, and high school students for the Junior Volunteer Academy.

Adults (18+ and no longer a student) may apply for volunteer work at any time. Graduate students can apply as an adult.

College student volunteers are accepted three times per year during the fall, spring, and summer. The fall enrollment period begins August 1 – August 31, 2022.

You can submit your application to the Volunteer Services Office during each volunteer enrollment period. Student applications will not be accepted after an enrollment period has ended.

  • The first 125 qualified student applications will be accepted. Please do not apply as an adult volunteer.
  • If you were a student volunteer within the past two years and you would like to volunteer again, you do not have to complete another application. Please contact the Volunteer Services Office at 304-598-4134 for further instructions.

High school students may volunteer at WVU Medicine by participating in the Junior Volunteer Academy. Applications are only accepted during the month of January.

  • The two-week Junior Volunteer Academy provides 80 hours of volunteer experience in a healthcare facility. Participants will have the opportunity to gain hands-on experience not offered by traditional volunteering. Students must commit to the entire two-week session.
  • Students interested in participating must demonstrate scholastic ability as evidenced by their high school transcript and grade point average, ability to be task oriented, utilize creative and critical thinking skills, provide two letters of recommendation from teachers or guidance counselors and write a 500-word essay on why they are interested in participating in the WVU Medicine Junior Volunteer Academy.
  • Applicants will attend a group interview with a selection committee, must provide immunization records to Employee Health, and complete computer-based learning modules if chosen to participate.

Volunteer Hours

Shifts are available during morning, afternoon, and evenings. Volunteers are expected to complete at least one shift per week and a minimum commitment of 50 total hours of service before leaving their volunteer position.

Volunteer Orientation and Meet & Greet

Upon receipt of your application, you will receive an email with a link to the online volunteer orientation. Orientation must be completed prior to your Meet & Greet. If you are a student, you will select a Meet & Greet date on your application. Adult volunteers will be contacted to schedule a Meet & Greet once their orientation is complete and acknowledgement of completion has been received.

Required Immunizations

In order to provide a safe environment for both patients and volunteers, volunteers are required to provide documentation of the following immunizations. All volunteers will visit WVU Medicine Employee Health, and a clinician will grant approval to volunteer once all immunization requirements are confirmed.

  • COVID-19
  • Tetanus: within the past 10 years
  • Measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR): proof of two separate doses
  • Chicken pox: documentation of history
  • Hepatitis B: series of three immunizations, at least one must be administered prior to start (This is given in Employee Health and a titer to follow the vaccines.)
  • Tuberculosis skin test (TB): If you have not received a skin test within the past 12 months, a two-step TB skin test will be administered seven to 10 days after your initial skin test placement.
  • Flu: during flu season

We strongly suggest that you do not get any immunizations before seeing an Employee Health clinician.