Class of 2021 interns

Breanna Bruno
Surgical Services (OpTime) Team
West Virginia University

“Throughout this internship, I was able to gain a valuable experience in the IT field working within a large healthcare system. It allowed me to take the knowledge that I have gained from my classwork and apply it to the real world. I am thankful that WVU Medicine has allowed me to be part of such a great organization.”


Morgan Faddis
Inpatient Clinical Applications Team
West Virginia University

“The WVU Medicine IT Internship has allowed me to truly envision a career in IT. I’ve been able to gain valuable experience and knowledge that have bettered me not only as an employee but an individual. I am forever thankful to WVU Medicine for this opportunity!”


Jamie Jimenez
Applications Training and Clinical Informatics
Fairmont State University

“Through this WVU Medicine internship, I’ve learned a lot of new skills and have become familiar with Epic, which will be super valuable for my career if I decide to continue with healthcare IT. I’ve also been able to apply knowledge I learned in school in a real-world, hands-on setting which is so important before graduation.”


J.T. Kemp
Enterprise Analytics
Fairmont State University

“I will always be so grateful for the WVU Medicine IT Internship and all that it had to offer me. This program was not only a second to none learning experience, but great exposure to some of the most knowledgeable respected leaders in the WVU Medicine Health System.”


P.J. Lenz
Eggplant Automation (Ambulatory)
West Virginia University

“I enjoyed my time as an intern greatly. Learning about all the different aspects of IT in a large healthcare system has taught me so much and doing actual work with new technology is very enjoyable. Being able to apply my classwork to the real world as well as learning many new things that school has not taught me has been exactly the experience that I was looking for in an internship.”


Anthony Lowery
Software Development
West Virginia University

“This is the perfect internship for students looking to get hands-on experience in IT that will prepare them to transition into the workforce. During your time at WVU Medicine, you get treated as part of the team. I didn’t just help with small tasks, but I actually built an application from start to finish which allowed me to take part in the entire software development process. The experience I gained was invaluable.”


Dylan Phillips
Network Infrastructure
West Virginia University

“The WVU Medicine IT Internship has given me priceless real-world experience in the IT field. With this experience, I feel much more confident in my career path. I also felt like part of the team when working with my mentors, which makes me want to seek out a permanent career here at WVU Medicine.”


Class of 2020 interns

Breanna Bruno
Clinical Applications Training Team
West Virginia University

“The IT internship made me realize that it is not too early to start working on your career. At WVU Medicine, I was able to gain first-hand knowledge of working within a big healthcare system and experience through my major.”


Andrew Chuang
Business and Artificial Intelligence Team
Carnegie Mellon University

“I really enjoy how I am able to interact and present to IT senior leadership at different levels and receive their feedback on my work.”


Hunter Johnson
Network Infrastructure and Telemedicine Team
West Virginia University

“Working as an intern for WVU Medicine has taught me more than any class ever has. You have the unique opportunity to learn about what each department does, and find your perfect fit! This was my first professional internship, and I have taken so much out of it.”


Joseph Mahiya
Software Development Team
West Virginia University

“I work with the Software Development Team building and deploying applications. Our choice of language is C# using the .NET framework. We also use Javascript with PHP and HTML with CSS for the front end. I am enjoying my time here with WVU Medicine, and I recommend others to apply.”


Emily Riley
Incident Response Team
West Virginia University

“Working as an IT intern with WVU Medicine has allowed me to gain real-world experience with an information security team. It has been great being able to see the things I have learned in classes applied to the real world. I 100 percent recommend this internship to anyone interested in IT.”


Colby Sherwood
Software Development Team
Ohio State University

“At WVU Medicine, I worked on web apps that will actually be used by employees someday. I got invaluable real-world experience with this internship, and everyone made me feel like I was truly part of the team and not just some intern.”


Wesley Walker
Diagnostic Imaging Team
West Virginia University

“Through this internship, I was able to gain valuable skills about not only working in the IT sector, but also how to lead an organization as large as WVU Medicine from many of the great mentors here.”