How to Submit an Invoice:

For invoices with a valid Workday purchase order, follow the instructions on the purchase order.  A valid purchase order is in the format 3001######## or YY0#########, for example- 300100123456 or 240005123456

For invoices without a valid Workday purchase order:

To ensure accurate payment, invoices MUST include the following:

  • All information must be typed not handwritten
  • Unique invoice number
  • Invoice date
  • Bill to name from table below
  • Cost Center (Provided by requestor)
  • Your remittance information to ensure payment is delivered accurately
  • Your contact name
  • Your contact number
  • Sales tax rate
  • Credit memos must reference original invoice number
  • FEIN Tax ID number


Invoices should be submitted by ONE of the following:

Enroll in EDI

  • Electronic Data Interchange

Email Accounts Payable to enroll


  • Invoices can be submitted via email in PDF format
  • One invoice per attachment
  • Max of five PDFs per email
  • Invoices should be sent in white with black text

Email to [email protected]



West Virginia University Hospital (Company Name from table below)
CC0050230 (Cost Center provided by requester)
PO Box 8030 (Box number from table below)
Morgantown WV 26506


Company Name Number Bill To Address
AHS LLC C800 PO Box 8030 Morgantown WV 26506
Allied Health Service C101
Allied Health Solutions Durable Medical Equipment (DME) C120
Allied Health Solutions Group Purchasing C803
Barnesville Hospital C609
Belmont Community Hospital C602
Belmont County Health Services C645
Berkeley Medical Center C300
Braxton County Memorial Hospital C035
Camden Clark Medical Center C009
Camden-Clark Foundation C510
Camden-Clark Physician Corporation C500
Continuous Care Center C601
Garrett Anesthesia Services, LLC C617
Garrett Regional Medical Center C616
Grant Memorial Hospital C640
Harrison Community Hospital C605
Harrison Community Hospital Foundation C606
Healthy Minds C402
Jackson General Hospital C055
Jefferson Medical Center C310
Medical Park Foundation C603
Mountaineer Freedom, LTD C607
Ohio Valley Ambulatory Surgery Center C530
Ohio Valley Health Corporation C535
Peak Building Administration C637
Peak Health Holdings C611
Peak Health Insurance Corporation C612
Peak Health TPA C610
Population Health Services, LLC C635
Potomac Valley Hospital C025
Princeton Community Hospital C614
Princeton Community Hospital Foundation C613
Professional Emergency Physicians Services, LLC C618
Recovery Properties LLC C650
Reynolds Memorial Hospital C006
 Thomas Orthopedic Hospital (Saint Francis Campus)  C621
Specialty Pharmacy Services C646
Specialty Physicians of Garrett County, LLC C619
St. Joseph’s Foundation C410
St. Joseph’s Hospital C010
Summersville Regional Medical Center C045
System Medical Group C975
Uniontown Hospital C075
United Health Foundation C400
United Hospital Center C007
United Physicians Care C103
University Healthcare C320
University Healthcare Foundation C302
West Virginia University Health System C002
West Virginia University Hospitals C005
Wetzel County Hospital C065
WH Holdings II, Inc. C604
Wheeling Hospital Ambulatory Surgery Center LLC C608
Wheeling Hospital Inc. C600
WVU Innovation Corporation C615
WVUHS Home Care C125
Health Partners Network C905 3040 University Ave Suite 3200 Morgantown, WV 26505
University Health Associates C910 PO Box 8271 Morgantown WV 26506
University Health Associates East C304