At the completion of the 41-week Dietetic Internship Program, the internship director will consider all evaluations in verifying successful completion of the program.

For successful completion of the internship, students must:

  • Receive an overall score of at least a 3.0 on all rotation evaluations or repeat of rotations
  • Earn at least an 80 percent on all homework assignments, either initially or through repeat/additional work
  • Demonstrate satisfactory written and oral communication skills and professionalism
  • Receive satisfactory evaluations from the dietetic internship director, in conjunction with informal observations throughout the internship
  • Score 90 percent on the clinical case study and satisfactory scores on administrative project
  • Make up any time missed in excess of designated personal days
  • Demonstrate entry-level competence in the performance of clinical staff relief near the end of the internship
  • Complete all requirements of the Dietetic Internship Program within 1.25 years of the enrollment date

If the above criteria is not met at any time during the program, the student cannot graduate and therefore will lose eligibility for any further financial aid, if applicable. Provided the above requirements are met, seven copies of the verification of internship completion statement will be given to the student.

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