This year, St. Joseph’s Foundation is kicking off their 2022-2023 Campaign: Our Vision, Your Health-Advancing Surgical Services at St. Joseph’s Hospital. The goal of the campaign is to ensure the quality of surgical care now and into the future by raising $300,000. This campaign will not only ensure the most advanced equipment for our Central Sterile Department, it will also provide St. Joseph’s Hospital with the highly-advanced technology of the Da Vinci robot.

The Da Vinci robot will give our patients the option of minimally-invasive surgery, meaning significantly smaller incisions and faster healing times. The Da Vinci vision system delivers 3D high-definition views, magnifying the surgical area to 10 times what the human eye can see, giving surgeons a crystal clear view. This technology is typically provided by larger hospitals. (Photo ©2023 Intuitive Surgical Operations, Inc.)

St. Joseph’s Hospital will become the only hospital in our multi-county region with the capability to provide the advanced surgical technology of the Da Vinci robot.

Advanced Equipment for the Central Sterile Department: Proper care and maintenance of reusable surgical tools makes it necessary to sterilize and disinfect them before and after use. Sterilization and disinfection of steel-hardened surgical instruments like scalpels, forceps, retractors, and scissors is critical since these medical tools will be used in surgeries.

The equipment used in St. Joseph’s Hospital’s Central Sterile Department uses high temperature steam emitted at a high pressure over a designated period of time. This ensures that harmful microorganisms are eliminated through time, heat, steam, and pressure.


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