Tummy tuck surgery is popular with both men and women. Surgeons tighten abdominal muscles, remove excess sagging skin, and shape a firmer, flatter abdomen.

The best candidates for the procedure are people who are: in good health, non-smokers, and near or at their ideal body weight. Abdominoplasty surgery is an option if:

  •  After weight loss your stomach lacks tone
  • Your abdominal skin and muscles are stretched and sagging
  • You have a belly regardless of how much you exercise

There are three abdominoplasty options available: mini, classic, and extended tummy tuck.

Mini-tummy tuck

This procedure is a great option if you have loose skin and stretch marks below your belly button. This is a shorter, less involved procedure with faster recovery time.

Classic (full tummy tuck)

Full tummy tuck surgery enhances the upper and lower abdomen, adjusting the entire abdominal wall, correcting roundness, and/or excess skin above and below the belly button. The procedure evens and flattens the abdomen and reduces the appearance of stretch marks.

Extended tummy tuck

The extended procedure improves the upper, lower, and sides the abdomen. The plastic surgeon removes excess or hanging skin from the top, bottom, and sides the stomach and tightens the abdominal wall.