A brow lift, also called the forehead lift, rejuvenates the face above the eyebrows. Time, gravity, and genetics are all causes for a heavier, thick brow that makes people look as though they are frowning. Brow lift surgery can correct look. The surgery is performed as an outpatient procedure and last for years.

A brow lift can correct:

  • Heavy or sagging brow
  • Furrows is in the forehead
  • The contour of the upper portion of the face

Types of brow lift surgery include: endoscopic, temporal, or coronal.


A less invasive procedure that repositions the muscles, removes excess fat, and lift underlying tissues in the forehead.

Temporal or Limited Incision

This procedure is commonly performed in conjunction with eyelid surgery. The surgeon lifts and repositions the tissue of the outer brow area. Then, through the incision made for an upper eyelid procedure, the area between the eyebrows is lifted to smooth out the frown lines.


Coronal surgery is a more invasive technique and may be necessary to achieve the desired result. Excess skin, fat, and tissue are removed, and the remaining skin and brown muscles are repositioned into a more youthful appearance.