The Behavioral Health Unit, located on the fifth floor of Reynolds Memorial Hospital at 800 Wheeling Ave. Glen Dale, WV 26038, is a 24-bed facility. This unit is designed to meet the acute mental health needs of patients ages 18 and above. We accept voluntary and involuntary patients.

We take a multidisciplinary team approach with our highly qualified staff, beginning with a comprehensive assessments of patients’ mental health needs. Once the needs of the individual are identified, an integrated treatment plan is developed with the participation of the patient and their support system as indicated.

Treatment includes:

  • Cognitive and educational activities
  • Group and individual therapy
  • Psychiatric evaluation, prevention, diagnosis, and treatment
  • 24-hour nursing care

Patients are admitted 24-hours a day through an emergency room. We offer a caring, supportive and respectful environment while maintaining strict patient confidentiality, and putting patient safety at the forefront of everything we do. In addition to having our trained nurses on the floor 24/7, our team also includes:

Behavioral Health Unit Phone Numbers