If you are a professional facility wishing to transfer a patient to our acute psychiatric unit, please fax the following information to 304-221-3027. Reynolds Memorial Hospital Inpatient Behavioral Health Unit requires a statement of medical clearance from other facilities or a “Doc to Doc” conversation.

Current lab results including CBC, CMP, complete UA, Blood Alcohol Level, TSH. When appropriate, (ie. overdose, prescribed Lithium/Depakote) aspirin, acetaminophen, Depakote, Tegretol, lithium levels are needed. Also, please include current vitals, physician/nurse’s notes, psychological/crisis assessment and any other information regarding the patient’s presenting symptoms.

The Behavioral Health Unit at Reynolds Memorial Hospital accepts most major insurances including Medicare and West Virginia Medicaid. Out of state Medicaid and United Healthcare coverage depends on the respective state’s eligibility to cover.

Behavioral Health Unit Phone Numbers