Finding Wellness is a free, healthy lifestyle program for people who are ready to improve their personal health. This eight-week program is led by health professionals and open to anyone in the community. Eight-week classes meet virtually on WebEx or in-person and at WVU Medicine University Town Centre from 4:30 – 6:30 p.m. on Tuesday evenings.

Are you ready to make lifestyle changes in nutrition and eating patterns and increase physical activity in your daily life? The Finding Wellness program can help with personal goal setting and group support.


Finding Wellness classes begin in March and provide a range of healthy eating, fitness, goal-setting, and stress management techniques. Enrollment is now open for virtual or in-person classes — contact Ann Durham at or 304-293-2604 to sign up. Participants will be asked to provide their name, height, weight, date of birth, and have their A1C checked at the beginning and end of the series.

Eight-week classes will be held on:

  • March 1 – April 19
  • April 26 – June 14
  • June 21- August 9
  • August 16- October 4
  • October 11 – December 6

Finding Wellness class topics include:

  • Cooking Demo — Learn how easy and delicious healthy cooking can be and taste test multiple new foods.
  • Finding Fitness — Link physical and mental benefits of exercises and practice a variety of movement.
  • Making S.M.A.R.T.E.R. Goals — Assess your motivation level and identify positive/negative influences on your success.
  • Menu Planning — Learn meal planning strategies and add/substitute healthier foods.
  • Mindful Eating — Recognize what mindless eating looks and feels like and identify emotional, environmental, and physical triggers.
  • Portion Distortion — Learn how to understand food labels and recognize common pitfalls and how to avoid them.
  • Stress Management — Recognize stress and unhealthy coping habits and learn ways to quiet the mind.
  • Supermarket Safari — Acquire skills to shop healthier by comparing labels and prices.

Keeping Wellness Support Group

All graduates of the Finding Wellness program are invited to attend our Keeping Wellness support group, which meets four times a year. Keeping Wellness provides new and interesting topics that are not included in the Finding Wellness program. Previous Keeping Wellness support group topics include: pain management, sleep hygiene, music and wellness, cardio drumming, and tai chi.

The additional Keeping Wellness classes helps participants maintain goals and recharge their commitment to healthy lifestyles. Keeping Wellness meets on April 5, July 12, and October 25. In the future, we will offer video recordings of the classes virtually for new and previous Finding Wellness participants.