BreakThru Unique Advantage:

BreakThru is a medical withdrawal management service located within WVU Medicine Reynolds Memorial Hospital. Patients who have problems with drugs or alcohol are medically stabilized and managed on the medical/surgical unit, just like any other patient recovering from surgery or other medical conditions, preserving dignity and confidentiality.

Using a multidisciplinary team approach, withdrawal symptoms are medically managed throughout the withdrawal period, ensuring safe and effective medical outcomes.

We offer an innovative medical collaboration between the hospital and community referral partners so that we can establish a personalized aftercare discharge plan. Patients are then followed for one year to determine recovery outcomes.

BreakThru is devoted to creating a healthier, better life for those impacted by substance use and/or abuse.

BreakThru Goals:

  • Provide a safe withdrawal
  • Reduce immediate withdrawal symptoms
  • Prevent complications
  • Provide withdrawal management that preserves the patient’s dignity
  • Establish the immediate aftercare discharge plan
  • Measure patient outcomes

BreakThru Path to Recovery:

  • Safe, comfortable, private and confidential hospital stay on a medical/surgical unit, just like any other patient recovering from surgery or other medical conditions.
  • Provide the safest environment for withdrawal from alcohol and/or drugs.
  • Medications administered based on each individual’s substance of choice and medical history to promote comfort, prevent complications and alleviate pain using evidence-based treatment.
  • Exceptional 24-hour care administered by highly skilled doctors and nurses with a lower nurse-to-patient ratio than other treatment facilities.
  • An immediate aftercare discharge plan for each patient is established in the continuum of care for successful remission or recovery.
  • BreakThru staff will follow up with all patients at one, three, six and twelve month intervals to determine level of remission, sobriety and engagement in treatment to measure patient outcomes.

To schedule your BreakThru admission or talk to a team member, call 304-221-4528.


September marks third anniversary for BreakThru program at WVU Medicine Reynolds Memorial Hospital

Three years ago, WVU Medicine Reynolds Memorial Hospital partnered with Tritanium Solutions to bring BreakThru, a medically supervised withdrawal treatment program, to the Ohio Valley in an effort to tackle the growing opioid epidemic.

Withdrawl Service for Reynolds Memorial Hospital Receives US Attorneys Community Outreach Award

Reynolds Memorial Hospital opened the first medically supervised inpatient substance abuse withdrawal service in the tri-state region of West Virginia, Ohio and Pennsylvania in September 2015.

BreakThru: A New Addiction Service Program for the Ohio Valley

Reynolds Memorial Hospital recently revealed “BreakThru,” a program aimed at helping people break the cycle of addiction and turning their lives around.