Cancer and Infusion Center


Grant Memorial Hospital, in collaboration with the WVU Cancer Institute, began providing cancer care in addition to the already-existing infusion service in January 2022.

The hospital-based clinic has nine infusion bays and operates five days a week, with an advanced practice provider on site. Oncologist Kevin Shannon, MD, is on site twice a month and offers telemedicine visits as needed. Kelly Smith-Riggleman, PA-C, is in the clinic Monday through Friday. Members of the nursing staff have specialized training in chemotherapy and advanced cancer care regimens.

Treatments and Services

The Cancer and Infusion Center offers a variety of infusions, injections, and other services, including:

    • Antibiotic
    • Blood specimen collection
    • Blood transfusion
    • Chemotherapy
    • Dupixent
    • Factor VIII
    • Immunoglobulin G (IgG)
    • Iron deficiency management
    • Line/port care
    • Nplate
    • Neulasta
    • Neupogen
    • Nucala
    • Ocrevus
    • Orencia
    • Post-radiology procedures
    • Prolia
    • Rabies exposure treatment
    • Reclast
    • Remicade
    • Solu-Medrol
    • Tepezza
    • Tysabri
    • Xolair


Phone: 304-257-1026, ext. 2121

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Monday-Friday: 8 am – 5 pm


Kevin Shannon, MD

Kevin Shannon, MD








Kelly Smith-Riggleman, PA-C