Actionable Findings/Critical Results Used by radiologist, providers, and radiology departments for tracking & documentation purposes to help ensure the communication loop is closed for actionable findings.

IRIS Intelligent Retinal Imaging Systems used in clinical labs.  Preventative screening for Diabetic Retinopathy.

 Lexicomp Lexicomp Online is a collection of clinical databases and clinical decision support tools that provides users with an extensive medical library.

 Lippincott Procedures (System) Lippincott Procedures provides detailed descriptions of procedures in a program that allows users to identify the procedure they need quickly and easily.

 Mayo Clinic Labs Mayo Clinic Laboratories is a global reference laboratory that helps health care providers worldwide advance patient care, strengthen your practice, and broaden access to specialized testing.

 PACS – WVUH Fuji Used by Radiology and Cardiology departments to access images.

 Premier Connect

 UpToDate A point-of-care medical resource website for providers & APPs.


Health Endeavors Non-Monetary Physician Compensation Web-based program that tracks non-monetary compensation, such as events, advertising, CME programs, meals, and other areas from a hospital to a physician.

StrataJazz Financial planning and budgeting application.

Workday Finance, supply chain and HR.


Cherwell (IT, HR, Finance and Supply Chain work orders) Self-service portal for IT, HR, Finance and Supply Chain support requests. Chat support is available during normal business hours on.

Citrix This is an application used to access other hosted applications such as Epic, ImageGrid, etc.

HROneSource Human Resources application used to manage employee benefits, performance, and payroll.

Office 365 Cloud version of Microsoft Office.

 Password Support MyIdentity to reset your password.

Workday Finance, supply chain and HR.

WVHIN The West Virginia Health Information Network (WVHIN) is WV\’s designated Health Information Exchange transforming health care through the use of health information technology.


Equipment Management Requests Used to submit requests for medical equipment.

LiveProcess  LiveProcess is WVUM’s emergency alert system. This system has the ability to place automated notifications such as calls, texts, and emails during an emergency.

MSDS Online Used to access Manage Material Safety Data Sheets on-demand.

NetLearning (All Facilities/Locations) Used to access computer based training.

NetLearning (Specialized Users) Used to access computer based training for specialized users.

SDS Online Used to access and manage Material Safety Data Sheets on-demand.