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Feeling under the weather? Stay home and avoid the waiting room when you get care through one of our convenient virtual care options.

Virtual care allows you or your child to connect with a provider without leaving the comfort of your home. Your smartphone or computer makes at-home diagnosis and treatment possible, as WVU Medicine offers video visits and guided, comprehensive e-visits. In addition to primary care and urgent care appointments, many WVU Medicine specialists now offer outpatient video visits for their established patients.


Virtual care options*

Urgent Care video visits

WVU Medicine Urgent Care can evaluate and treat a number of common conditions with a remote video visit. This service is available to adults and children of any age. This is a service for patients who have minor medical conditions, and not for emergencies.

Outpatient video visits

Many providers across WVU Medicine now offer video outpatient care appointments to their established patients. Services available include primary care and pediatric visits, as well as some specialty care. Through an outpatient video visit, you can receive an examination, diagnosis, and treatment from a WVU Medicine provider.

Comprehensive e-visits

An e-visit is a type of virtual care available for diagnosis and treatment of several very common complaints. Some conditions can be diagnosed and treated through the use of a detailed, easy to use online questionnaire.


Telemedicine is an umbrella term that includes a number of ways patients can receive care while staying close to home. Often, telemedicine describes an appointment between you and your provider that uses specialized equipment at a site near you that allows two-way interactive communication. These appointments are used by a number of WVU Medicine providers to deliver specialty care.

*There are state licensure requirements that require you to physically be located within the same state as your provider.


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