We provide patients with comprehensive evaluation and management of diseases of the heart and circulatory system using cutting-edge techniques and technology.

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We provide the most advanced cardiac care in the region.

At the WVU Heart and Vascular Institute, our board-certified, and fellowship-trained cardiologist work with primary care physicians to ensure coordinated, continuous care. They provide expertise in every aspect of cardiac care, ranging from standard procedures such as outpatient consultation, echocardiography, and angiography to advanced clinical research into heart failure, preventive cardiology, and radio-frequency ablation.

Special services include physical fitness evaluation, non-invasive and invasive studies, interventional procedures, and radioisotope examinations of the heart.

Adult Cardiology

We treat adult patients with a variety of cardiac conditions, providing the most advanced cardiac care including comprehensive evaluation, consultation, and management of diseases of the heart and circulatory system. Learn More→


Non-Invasive Cardiology

Using state-of-the-art equipment and cutting-edge non-invasive methods, our team can diagnose and treat cardiovascular disease. Learn More→


Interventional Cardiology

Comprehensive diagnostic and therapeutic options for non-surgical treatments of cardiac conditions using non-surgical techniques — usually by running a catheter through the arteries into and around the heart — to repair the blockages that cut off the flow of blood in and out of the heart. Learn More→


Coronary Disease Program

Coronary heart disease is a common term for the buildup of plaque in the heart’s arteries that could lead to heart attack. We were one of the first in the country and the only one in West Virginia to introduce new technology shown to protect patients from the risk of stroke during minimally invasive heart valve surgery, known as transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR). We are one of the few programs in the United States (and the only one in West Virginia) offering cerebral embolic protection during TAVR called Protected TAVR.

Structural Heart Disease Program

The WVU Heart and Vascular Institute’s Structural Heart Disease Program is a leader in managing structural heart diseases, providing cutting edge surgical and transcatheter therapies for these complex conditions. We have a multidisciplinary team of experts to ensure our patients receive the most comprehensive care available. We also have technology and the most state-of-the-art facility in the region, including new cardiac cath labs and hybrid operating rooms, to make a rapid diagnosis and take quick, effective action. Learn More→


Advanced Heart Failure Program

At the WVU Heart and Vascular Institute, our board-certified, and fellowship-trained advanced heart failure specialists treat patients with state-of-the-art technologies and techniques to properly diagnose and treat all severities of heart failure. As the only multidisciplinary heart failure team in the state, our team includes pharmacists, specialty-trained nurses, exercise physiologists, social workers, dietitians, and expert physician team members. Our patients have someone to assist in every aspect of their care. Learn More→


Electrophysiology (EP)

The Electrophysiology team at the WVU Heart and Vascular Institute, includes board-certified cardiac electrophysiologists who specialize in treating conditions that cause the heart to beat too fast, too slow, or in an irregular pattern. Treatments include medications, procedures and implantable devices to help normalize arrhythmias. The team works in collaboration with other specialty services to ensure individualized care is provided to every patient. Learn More→


Cardio-Pulmonary Rehabilitation

At the WVU Heart and Vascular Institute, our Cardio-Pulmonary rehabilitation team works to help patients resume their normal lifestyle as soon as possible following a heart attack, Coronary bypass surgery, valve replacement or repair, heart transplant, stable angina, angioplasty or congestive heart failure. Our team can help patients change their lifestyle, improve their diet and fitness, and provide them with the tools to stay on their new path. Using an individualized approach to patient care, rehab plans are customized to each patient’s needs and continuously evaluated. Learn More→


Women’s Heart Health Program – Coming Soon

The Women’s Heart Center at the WVU Heart and Vascular Institute provides West Virginia and the surrounding regions a dedicated center for screening and educating women on identifying and reducing their risk for cardiovascular disease by continually providing information to the general population and to community providers concerning the latest female cardiovascular risk factors and treatments. Coming Soon


Pediatric Cardiac Care at WVU Medicine Children’s


Telemedicine Clinics

Telemedicine is a virtual consultation with a physician that provides access to evaluation and treatment for patients in remote areas. Many small, rural hospitals lack specialists in various disciplines, and telemedicine allows much of the needed care to be delivered through the use of simple applications that are similar to FaceTime or Skype with extra precautions built in to maintain privacy. We can utilize telemedicine to connect with patients who live far away or are too ill to travel.

The WVU Heart and Vascular Institute has taken steps to utilize this technology and bring world-class heart care to rural communities, helping rural physicians and hospitals deliver the highest possible quality of care to their communities.

Telemedicine services include consultations or follow-up for:

  • Artery Disease
  • Atrial Fibrillation
  • Congestive Heart Failure
  • Valvular Heart Disease
  • Heart Rhythm Disorders
  • Hypertension
  • Pre-Op Clearance
  • General Cardiac Need Management

SMART Clinic Technology

The WVU Heart and Vascular Institute also offers technology-enabled smart clinics for cardiology patients, which bridges the traditional practice of medicine with the latest technology to provide patients with more personalized care.

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Latest News

The WVU Heart and Vascular Institute Advanced Heart Failure team was the first in West Virginia to implant the Cordella® Pulmonary Artery Pressure Sensor System as part of the PROACTIVE-HF Pivotal Trial sponsored by Endotronix.

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Clinical Research

The experts at the WVU Heart and Vascular Institute conduct ongoing heart and vascular clinical trials and research studies.

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call 855-WVU-CARE, or schedule online.

For more information or to schedule an appointment,
call 855-WVU-CARE (855-988-2273) or schedule online.