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Our mission is to provide the best possible heart, lung, and vascular care for our patients, improve the well-being of the diverse communities we serve, and continue to advance research and education.

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We are a leader in advanced cardiac, thoracic, and vascular treatments, innovation, research, and patient care.

At the WVU Heart and Vascular Institute, our team of board-certified and fellowship-trained specialists are performing groundbreaking and innovative procedures using cutting-edge techniques and technology not available anywhere else in the state.

From diagnosis and treatment to rehabilitation and recovery, we are experienced at treating even the most complex heart, lung, and vascular conditions – from congenital heart issues, to heart attacks, to heart transplants, to lung and esophageal diseases, and vascular disease – using state-of-the-art diagnostic techniques and both traditional and advanced minimally invasive procedures.

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Through partnerships and affiliations with local hospitals and clinics, we bring access to complete comprehensive care for patients across West Virginia, and into surrounding regions, including Maryland, Ohio, and Pennsylvania, and beyond. It is also our privilege to work with community providers and help provide advanced care for their patients.

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