First Year Residents

Emma Carter, DO
Emma Carter, DO

I am from: My family lives nearby in a suburb of Pittsburgh.

Why I chose Wheeling: It is an unopposed program and there is an EM fellowship here at Wheeling.

My hobbies are: I don’t get to do it as much as I used to but I love hiking and backpacking. I also really enjoy playing board games with my friends.


Luke Gray, MDLuke Gray, MD

I am from: South Jersey.

Why I chose Wheeling: I was interested in Wheeling Hospital primarily due to the program being unopposed. Since being here everyone has been very kind and helpful.

My hobbies are: Reading, Hiking, Music (Cello), Traveling and trying not to kill my houseplants.



Jenny Mamtora, DOJenny Mamtora, DO

I am from: Queens, New York.

Why I chose Wheeling: Rigorous inpatient and outpatient training in an unopposed program.

My hobbies are: Traveling and trying different cuisines, hiking.



Brian Rogers, DOBrian Rogers, DO

I am from: I grew up in a suburb of San Diego, but moved to central Virginia in 2006.

Why I chose Wheeling: I chose Wheeling because it is an unopposed residency at a larger hospital. The area also looked like a great place to live with a family.

My hobbies are: When I have free time I like to spend it with my family and all of our pets. I also enjoy reading fantasy and science fiction novels.



Joel Romance, MDJoel Romance, MD

I am from: Lake Charles, Louisiana.

Why I chose Wheeling: Great location, small town living, unopposed program with a wide variety of learning experiences.

My hobbies are: Hiking with my wife and dog, weightlifting/fitness, snowboarding, ice hockey, XBOX, traveling anywhere possible.



Alexander Sample, DOAlexander Sample, DO

I am from: Sioux Falls, SD.
Why I chose Wheeling: As a DO I am allowed to practice OMM Inpatient and Outpatient as much as my abilities allow.
My hobbies are: Fishing and Hiking.



Candace Singh, MDCandace Singh, MD

I am from: Kitchener, Ontario, Canada.

Why I chose Wheeling: I had a great experience during my medical school rotation here with the residents and attendings and wanted to train at an unopposed program. There is a great sense of community within the program.

My hobbies are: Reading, yoga, board games, going to farmers markets and exploring local breweries with my husband.


Emilia Surzyn, MDEmilia Surzyn, MD

I am from: Toronto, Canada.

Why I chose Wheeling: Faculty that is approachable and open to answering all questions and concerns. Dynamic inpatient and outpatient population with broad range of medical conditions and learning opportunities for management.

My hobbies: I enjoy spending my free time hiking (most recently at Coopers Rock), biking and pampering my sweet cat. I enjoy listening to Vance Joy and the Lumineers on an early drive to work.


Second Year Residents

Welland Burnside, MDWelland Burnside, MD





Trishala Menon, MDTrishala Menon, MD

I am from: Brampton, Ontario, Canada.

Why I chose Wheeling: it is an unopposed program. I want to be part of such a program where I can be exposed to all kinds of diseases and pathologies and gets lot of hands on experience. I knew this program will help me practice medicine comfortably and with confidence in outpatient and inpatient setting because of my experiences. I rotated here as a student and fell in love with the program and loved the inpatient setting. It is also close to Canada – only 7 to 8 hour drive away from home.

My hobbies are: research, shopping, dancing, and spend quality time with friends.

Stephen Mericle, MDStephen Mericle, MD





Sarthak Patel, MDSarthak Patel, MD

I am from: Toronto, Canada.

Why I chose Wheeling: For the level of autonomy you get in unopposed setting, variety of cases, family- feel of the program and great Wheeling mountains/valleys/greenery.

My hobbies are: Cycling, Cricket, Cars, Stock market and Innovative technology.


Roshanak Salehi, MDRoshanak Salehi, MD





Monica Singh, M.D.Monica Singh, MD

I am from: Farmington Hills, Michigan.

Why I chose Wheeling: I chose Wheeling Hospital FM primarily because it is an unopposed FM program. The unopposed residency opened the doors to an abundance of learning opportunities, which has been exciting to me!

During my intern year, I’ve been able to perform numerous procedures, participate in and present research. Wheeling’s location and low cost living were pluses as well. Although a small town, it’s close proximity to home and even the bigger cities like Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Washington DC and my personal favorite, NYC was a significant factor when ranking the program.

My hobbies are: dancing, traveling, marathon running, and spending time with my family, best friends and co-residents.

Andrew Valliyil, MDAndrew Valliyil, MD





Third Year Residents

Sleiman Abukhater, MDSleiman Abukhater, MD

I am from: Cleveland, OH.

Why I chose Wheeling: Because it was an unopposed program and I felt very comfortable after speaking to all the preceptors, much more than any other program.

My hobbies are: Basketball, soccer and working out.


Neil Khurana, MDNeil Khurana, MD

I am from: Pittsburgh, PA.

Why I chose Wheeling: Standalone residency in community hospital with large amount of resources and affiliations.

My hobbies are: Music, movies, sports, trying different foods, traveling – and being from Pittsburgh love watching my Pens and STEELER FOOTBALL!


Sefako Phala, MDSefako Phala, MD

I am from: Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada.

Why I chose Wheeling: My wife had interviewed and matched here one year prior to me. She raved about the program and that made my decision simple. I chose Wheeling for its unopposed program, and how welcome the staff and residents made me feel when I interviewed here. The city of Wheeling is also close to home which is a win-win!

My hobbies are: Travelling with my wife, Soccer, Track and field, playing Nintendo switch and spending time trying new restaurants and activities with my fellow batch mates.


George Reusser, MDGeorge Reusser, MD





Lauren Rutkowski, DOLauren Rutkowski, DO

I am from: Beaver, Pennsylvania.

Why I chose Wheeling: The residents in this program are fantastic to work with and the hospital provides many great learning opportunities. I knew I would get fantastic training in this program.

My hobbies are: Hiking, kayaking, gardening, spending time with my dog and cats.


Rana Succurro, MDRana Succurro, MD

I am from: Detroit, MI.

Why I chose Wheeling: I chose Wheeling because it was an unopposed program that allowed me to gain experience and implement practices across all genres of medicine whilst developing and perfecting my knowledge and the hands on experience needed to be a family physician.

My hobbies are: hiking, bike riding, photography, shopping, traveling and enjoying time with my little family (having a newborn at home is a lot of fun)!


Michael Sutton, MDMichael Sutton, MD

I am from: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

Why I chose Wheeling: Good, supportive co-residents and faculty as well as ample opportunity to focus on aspects of training of personal interest given that this is an unopposed program. Also the local hockey team is called the “Wheeling Nailers” and Canadians should know why that’s hilarious.

My hobbies are: Playing any and all sports, spending what time I can outside, coming in last place in the WH residency 2019-2020 fantasy football league (and hopefully not doing the same this year).