PCT Training Program | WVU Medicine Camden Clark

About Our Program

The Internal PCT Training Program at WVU Medicine Camden Clark Medical Center is a 6-week paid training program, for applicants of all experience levels, that will qualify you, and prepare you, to fulfill the role of a Patient Care Technician at CCMC.

The program is a blend of classroom time and clinical time, coupled with hands-on learning and demonstrations from experienced healthcare professionals.

During classroom time, the program leaders will instruct you on the theoretical and evidence-based requirements of the PCT role. You will receive hands-on instruction in both one-on-one, and group settings, using the actual equipment that you’ll see on the job.

For your clinical experience, you, and small groups of your classmates, will be paired with a PCT Clinical Lead. Your PCT Clinical Lead will lead your clinical experience where you will partner and care for real patients at CCMC.

To aid in your transition to a staff role, you will receive regular continued follow-up from the program leaders after completing the program.


What is the starting wage?

Starting wage for the program is $15/hour with increase to $17/hour; and is benefit eligible, upon completion of the program and hired into staff PCT role.

What uniform do I wear?

PCTs wear light grey scrubs.

Which shift and days does this program run?

Both day shift and night shift program formats offered throughout the year.

In the program, all classroom time and clinical time takes place Monday through Friday.

What type of roles are PCT trainees eligible for?

Once the program is successfully completed, trainees are eligible for hire in part-time and full-time roles, day shift and night shift are available. Some departments require additional orientation after hire.

Who provides programs materials?

Classroom and learning materials are provided by the program.

Who leads the program?

Colton D. Thieman, MSN, RN
Kayla Hanson, MSN, RN


What about health science college students who have busy class schedules?

We are offering our accelerated program format twice in 2024. The accelerated program is for candidates who are enrolled in a health science degree program. The accelerated format program lasts only four weeks, instead of the six weeks. One offering begins on May 28th, the second on July 22nd.

Application deadline for the May 28th offering is April 26th, 2024. The application deadline for the July 22nd offering is June 21st, 2024.