Medicine Camden Clark’s Leadership Academy graduated its twelfth class last week with a dinner at the Parkersburg Country Club. The eight participants were Patti Birth-Smith, Crystal Glover, Cody Hall, Janine Hiles, Chris Miller, Jessica Mixer, Joanna Ramey and Matthew Stachera. Each were selected by senior leadership and demonstrated their commitment to the year-long program by attending more than 110 hours of class time. This was in addition to other requirements such as shadowing other departments, doing community service, writing a personal mission statement and completing various personal assessments.

According to Nancy Brooks, Director of Organizational Development and Support Services who developed the program and facilitated it since implementation, the participants not only learn about effective leadership, but also about themselves as well. "Completing the program is certainly a commitment, but I believe any of the 93 graduates of the Academy would say it was an experience they absolutely have no regrets of having been a part of,” said Brooks.

Established with the support of the Camden Clark Foundation the first graduating class was in 2007. In 2012, the academy was renamed the Laurence B. Mallory Leadership Academy in honor of “Larry” Mallory, a dedicated member of the Board of Directors. "Even in death, his legacy for encouragement and support of the professional and personal development of our employees lives on and will be a part of future educational opportunities," Brooks said.

L-R Seated: Janine Hiles, Stroke/Chest Pain Coordinator; Patti Birt-Smith, CCPC Vascular Lab, Joanna Ramey, Clinical Nurse Manager Critical Care; L-R Standing: Jessica Mixer, Quality and Patient Safety; Matt Stachera, Sleep Lab; Cody Hall, Performance Improvement; Chris Miller, Safety and Security, and Crystal Glover, Nursing.