Outpatient Infusions

Outpatient Infusions and Treatments Close to Home

If you have a chronic or acute need for outpatient IV infusion, medication, injections or treatments, you don’t need to travel far. We offer a flexible and comfortable environment in our Outpatient Service Department in New Martinsville. WVU Medicine Wetzel County Hospital is proud to offer Outpatient Infusion Therapies and Treatments—an alternative to unnecessary time, travel and expense. We will work with your physician to get your order for medication or treatment and schedule appointments at a time convenient for you.

Patients needing IV Therapy for the management of chronic and acute illnesses can benefit from having low-cost alternatives in their local community. In addition to infusions, the center offers treatments like injections, wound and catheter care. The center works in collaboration with primary care providers, specialists, & the WVU Medicine Cancer Institute & surrounding cancer centers.


Patient-Centered Care:

  • 6 stations
  • Private rooms
  • Comfortable recliners or beds available
  • Free Wifi
  • TV in each room
  • Visitors welcome with patient during appointment


Partial List of Therapies:

  • IV Infusion & Supportive care
    • Hydration and electrolyte replacement therapy
    • Administration of blood and blood products
    • Growth factor injections including:
      •  Zarxio
      • Neulasta
      • Arenesp
      • Retacrit
      • Procrit
    • Chemo takedown for pump and elastomeric infusions
    • Antibiotics
    • Iron Infusions
    • Monoclonal Antibodies
    • Immunotherapy
  • Peripheral Venous Access Insertion
  • Care and maintenance of central venous access devices
    • Mediports
    • PICC line dressing changes and lab draws
    • Midlines
  • Specialty Injections
    • Allergy shots
    • Vitamin B12
    • Zometa
    • Prolia
    • Immunizations
  • Wound care
    • Wound vac dressing
    • Unna boots
  • Foley and suprapubic catheter care
    • Site care
    • New tubing changes



Accepting referrals now: 304-455-8108

Conveniently located in the main hospital at 3 East Benjamin Drive, New Martinsville, WV 26155

Insurance accepted: Most insurance plans accepted with a wide range of options