WVU Medicine Physiatrist Karen Barr, MD, provides important tips for stroke recovery. [...]
Have you ever needed surgery on your spine but worried about lengthy procedures and slow recoveries? Thanks to new techniques, some patients are returning back to their normal lives and activities mo [...]
If you have a back problem that hasn't gotten better with medicine or physical therapy, minimally invasive spine surgery might be a good option for you. WVU Spine Center surgeon John France, MD, expla [...]

The WVU Spine Center brings specialists together with a multidisciplinary team approach to provide our patients with comprehensive spinal care. We use a full range of treatment options to ensure that patients with spine problems get the treatment they need quickly, efficiently and easily.

The Spine Center combines the expertise of WVU neurologists, orthopaedic specialists, neurosurgeons, pain management physicians, and rehabilitation services to target every patient’s particular problem and provide optimal treatment.