WVU Medicine serves the state and its communities by providing the highest level of healthcare available anywhere. But we realize that our responsibility does not end there. We also provide support to the people of West Virginia by making sure that healthcare is available to all, regardless of income or health insurance; supporting important educational and social welfare activities in the community; and providing financial support to the health professions education programs of West Virginia University.

The following figures are from 2017.

Patient Care

Financial Assistance: $17,998,000

WVU Medicine treats all patients, regardless of their ability to pay. Financial assistance is available to help those patients who are unable to pay some or all of their medical bills.

Medicaid Shortfalls: $139,377,000

WVU Medicine is a leading provider of Medicaid services in West Virginia. The Medicaid program, which provides healthcare coverage for low-income families and individuals, is funded by state and federal governments. In many states, including West Virginia, Medicaid payments have not been sufficient to cover the costs of treating Medicaid beneficiaries. This results in a shortfall in reimbursement.

Education and Research

Health Professions Education: $18,546,000

WVU Medicine is committed to supporting education and the next generation of healthcare providers. The organization helps to fund undergraduate and postgraduate medical education at WVU, along with accredited training programs for residents, physicians, nurses, and allied health professionals.

Medical Research: $1,108,000

WVU Medicine is part of an academic medical center – one that is heavily focused on research on issues that affect West Virginians.

Community Investment

Outreach: $1,576,000

WVU Medicine is actively engaged in a wide range of outreach activities, many of which are designed to serve the most vulnerable and at-risk populations. From community health screenings and education to financial and in-kind contributions, WVU Medicine is invested in the communities it serves.