The motto that the staff of Potomac Valley Physical Therapy has chosen to describe the way we practice Physical Therapy is ‘Vision…Performance…Results!’. In the lines that follow, you will begin to see how these concepts apply to the treatment you can expect to receive at our clinic and in our hospital. Vision. It is recorded in the Bible that “…people perish for lack of vision.” It is after this pattern that we are constantly looking beyond where we are as a clinic. Further, we apply the same vision to our clients, seeing beyond their current state to the functional capabilities they may achieve with our help. Performance. Performance is the culmination of one’s vision. Our staff performs physical therapy interventions based on current literature and on sound clinical judgment.

In selecting which interventions to perform, we listen to our clients and appreciate their vision for where they would like to be. We strive to motivate each client to perform at the highest level possible for them. Results. In Physical Therapy, “results” and “function” should always be spoken of in the same sentence. There is an alarming trend in our profession for patients to present to Physical Therapy and receive interventions that have no link to function. Our staff is committed to the concept of restoring our clients’ ability to perform functional activities that they enjoy. We welcome all who would like to see how our vision and performance can help them achieve tremendous results!

So our slogan is Vision…Performance…Results!; but what forms the bridge between these three elements? The answer is ‘a goal’. To begin a rehabilitation plan with a client, we ask them what they envision themselves doing better, then we set goals to reflect that vision. When the time comes to assess whether our performance has yielded superior results, we reflect back on our original goals again. In a similar fashion, we at the Physical Therapy clinic of PVH have set goals for how we will improve our practice in 2007.

Our goals include reaching out into the community to promote healthy living, preventing hospital staff injuries through education, updating our current facility , expanding our list of clientele, revamping and revising our current wound care practices, and, as always, our goal is to see 100% patient satisfaction. We welcome all former, current, and future patients, as well as the many friends of this clinic, to come see these goals begin to take shape!