Potomac Valley Hospital Emergency Department is staffed 24 hours everyday with specially trained Physicians and nursing staff. The level of care ranges from continuation or initiation of advanced life support, to the assessment and treatment of minor illness, injuries, or the acceleration of chronic medical conditions. The Emergency Department is connected by radio to Civil Defense and all area rescue squads and ambulances, thus allowing the staff to be fully prepared for any incoming emergency in advance of the arrival. The Emergency Department offers a full range of services, providing high quality patient focused care to meet the needs of each individual in the community. The medical staff includes a Director of Emergency Medicine who oversees a rotating staff of physicians specializing in emergency medicine who reside on the premises. Other staff includes Registered Nurses, Licensed Practical Nurses and Nursing Assistants who work closely with the physicians to provide individualized care. Our staff is educated, well trained, organized and responsible for providing high quality, cost-effective, and compassionate care to improve the health status of individuals and promote community wellness.

Our Emergency Department handles an average of 12,000 – 14,000 patients per year. Our major responsibility is the diagnosis, treatment and management of acutely ill patients but we also strive to improve the health status of our community members while providing supportive care.