Residency Activities

  • Inpatient activities
    • Rounding with the medical team
    • Medication reconciliation
    • Antibiotic stewardship
  • Outpatient activities
    • Pharmacy-run continuity clinic with ambulatory patients in diabetes, anticoagulation, CHF
    • Family Medicine Resident clinic  outpatient rounding
    • Transitions of care
  • Longitudinal Rotations
    • Staffing
      • Staffing Component: 30 hours per month
    • Longitudinal Patient Care – Opportunity in the second half of the year to provide inpatient and outpatient pharmacy services during the same day allowing for care coordination and an unique care and learning experience.
    • Research
    • Teaching
    • Administration
  • Electives Blocks are offered through JMC, HFFM and sister-facility at Berkely Medical Center
    • Current Offerings: Infectious Diseases, Critical Care, Emergency Medicine, Management Intensive, Psychiatry

Example Schedule

Week 1-6             Orientation

Week 7-12          Block 1 – JMC Inpatient

Week 13-18        Block 2 – HFFM Am Care

Week 18-22        Elective Block 1

Week 23-26        Elective Block 2

Week 24              ASHP Midyear Meeting

Week 27-52        Longitudinal Patient Care

Resident Benefits

  • A competitive salary and full-time benefits
  • Paid travel to ASHP Midyear Clinical Meeting, WVSHP Annual Meeting and Eastern States Residency Conference
  • Paid memberships for ASHP and WVSHP
  • Free meal program at JMC