Healthcare Providers

Our team of qualified and skilled providers offers a personalized experience in a caring and comfortable environment to enhance the quality of life of our patients. Using the latest medical technologies and treatments, Harrison Community Hospital is committed to delivering convenient and valuable services to meet the needs of our community.

Julie McGary, CRNA
Tiffany Porter, CRNA
Janet Sullivan, CRNA
Glenda Zane, CRNA

Devender Batra, MD
Ramana Murty, MD

Emergency Medicine
ED physician services provided by: ePro

Family Medicine
Porsche Beetham, DO
James Comerci, MD
Derek Golna, DO
Kristy Dobson, CRNP
Shannon Garrison, PA-C

General Surgery
Harpreet Brar, MD
Howard Shackleford Jr, MD

Hospital Medicine
James Comerci, MD
Thomas Kettlewell, DO
Russell Lee-Wood, MD
Hema Patel, MD
Morgan Stalder, DO
Shashi Urval, MD