In partnership with WVU Medicine, Garrett Regional Medical Center (GRMC) is proud to offer a Dermatology Clinic on our campus in Oakland that will provide comprehensive dermatological care for people of all ages.

Seeing patients onsite at the clinic will be Dr. Roxann Powers of WVU Medicine – J.W. Ruby Memorial Hospital.

Dr. Roxann Powers, MD, FACP, is a Board Certified Dermatologist and internal medicine physician. She is a graduate of the WVU School of Medicine.

In addition to the services available onsite at GRMC, patients diagnosed with skin cancer will have access to Mohs surgery at WVU Medicine. Mohs is one of the most effective skin cancer treatments available. In this specialized procedure, a surgeon removes cancerous skin in thin layers while concurrently examining the tissue microscopically for remaining traces of cancer. Patients will be referred to WVU’s facility in Morgantown for this specialized treatment.

The WVU Medicine Dermatology Clinic is located next to the hospital.




311 Old Rte 219
Oakland, MD 21550