General Safety Guidelines

Be an active, informed member of your child’s healthcare team. Know what treatments or medication he or she is receiving. If you have questions or concerns, speak up. If you don’t understand, ask again.

  • For safety, raise the side rails when you leave your child’s bedside.
  • Only Mylar balloons are permitted in patient rooms.
  • If you hear a fire alarm, stay calm and remain in your child’s room with the door closed.
  • When you leave the unit, always notify a member of the nursing staff. Tell your child and the nurse when you expect to return.

Taking Your Child Off the Unit
With permission from the doctor, patients may leave the unit in the company of a parent or guardian. Always check with nursing staff before taking your child off the unit.

Wheelchair Safety
If your child uses a wheelchair, keep his or her weight well back in the seat and do not allow his or her arms outside the chair. Ask for help to get your child in and out of the wheelchair.

Releasing Information
Information about your child will be provided only to people who have your child’s hospital IDnumber. You will be given that number and you may share it with family and friends.