Healthcare Providers

Our team of skilled providers offers a personalized experience in a caring and comfortable environment. Utilizing the latest medical technologies and treatments, our staff is committed to delivering convenient and valuable services to meet the needs of our community.

Addiction Services
Megan Britton, NP

Tiffany Porter, CRNA
Janet Sullivan, CRNA 

Devender Batra, MD

Emergency Medicine
Michael R. Baum, MD
Mark Henzes, MD
Steven Lepsky, MD
Gabrielle Morris, MD
Osita Okpalaoka, MD
Tene Osahar, MD
Andrew Place, MD
Richard Pretorius, MD
Sakina Sachak, MD
Murray Sullivan, MD

General Surgery
Michael R. Baum, MD
Matthew Metz, MD

Hospital Medicine
Farid Bounif, MD
Adekunle Kuku,MD
Charles Onwe, MD
Hema Patel, MD

Gurmeet Singh, MD

Nasir Khan, MD

Amy Winkleman, DPM

Primary Care
Joseph Durkalski, DO
Stacy Meeks, DO
Himalaya Patcha, MD
Shaun Roe, DO
Ronnie Williamson, DO
Carissa Allen, PA
Megan Britton, APRN-CNP
Tracey Childress, NP
Olivia Jefferis, FNP

Pulmonary and Sleep Medicine
Attila A. Lenkey, MD
Gurmeet Singh, MD

Thoracic/Cardiovascular Surgery
Rajai Khoury, MD
Victor Maevsky, MD