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Research shows that mindfulness offers a host of health benefits that positively affect pain, stress and anxiety in addition to improving resiliency and focus. At WVU Medicine and Health Sciences Center our mindfulness staff holds decades of combined experience that support in delivering a balanced approach of academic knowledge and mindful understanding with real-world application. Check out the different levels of mindfulness practice to see what best fits your schedule and wellness needs.

Departments & groups served:

  1. WVU Office of Admissions
  2. Digestive Disease Fellows
  3. Nurse Residents
  4. Nursing Grand Rounds
  5. Pharmacy Alumni
  6. School of Dentistry Students
  7. WVU Medicine HIM Specialists
  8. Pediatrics Residents
  9. WV Society of Perianesthesia Nurses

All mindfulness programs are free for students, faculty, staff and employees of WVU and WVU Medicine. For more information or to schedule a session for your department, please contact wellness specialist Anthony Danko (Anthony.Danko@hsc.wvu.edu).