Virtual Mindful Steps Series

Led by a team of expert instructors, this free 6-week series is designed to assist in developing and maintaining mindful resilience, mental fitness, and relaxation. Participants can attend up to six one-hour sessions that offer a variety of simple yet practical tools to be mindful in daily living.

WVU Medicine employees and covered spouses enrolled in a company-sponsored medical plan will earn 100 Wellness Rewards Points for the plan year 2024 Wellness Rewards Program by attending 4 of 6 live Mindful Steps sessions.

Dates: Thursdays, September 29 – November 3

Time: 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm

All students, faculty, and staff of WVU and employees of WVU Medicine are welcome to attend.

Contact wellness specialist Anthony.Danko@hsc.wvu.edu to register or receive the weekly mindfulness session recordings.

  • Intro to Mindfulness
    • + Intro to Mindfulness. Meditation Safety
      + Intro to Yoga: 6 Movements of the Spine
      + Mindful Eating
      + Meditation Primer & Meditation on Body/Breath
  • Fundamentals of Mindfulness
    • +Science of Mindfulness
      +Mindfulness Meditation on Thoughts
      +Standing & Balancing Yoga
      +3 -Part Breathing
  • Embodied Mindfulness
    • +Chair Yoga
      +Mindfulness Meditation on Sounds
      +Neuroscience of Mindfulness
      +Body Scan
  • Communication and Compassion 
    • +Mindful Communication & Listening
      +Mindfulness Meditation on Emotions & Compassion Meditation
      +Gentle Lying-Down Yoga
      +Alternate Nostril Breathing
  • Mindfulness and Resiliency
    • +Science on Pain & Resiliency
      +Restorative Yoga
      +Meditation Hindrances
  • Sustaining Daily Mindfulness  
    • +Chair Sun Salutation
      +Breathing Routine
      +Extended Meditation Practice: Befriending Silence
      +Mindful Steps Summary Round-table Discussion