Virtual Mindful Steps Series

Led by a team of expert instructors, this free 6-week series is designed to assist in developing and maintaining mindful resilience, mental fitness, and relaxation. Participants can attend up to six one-hour sessions that offer a variety of simple yet practical tools to be mindful in daily living.

All students, faculty, and staff of WVU and employees of WVU Medicine are welcome to attend.

Contact wellness specialist Anthony.Danko@hsc.wvu.edu to register or receive the weekly mindfulness session recordings.

  • Intro to Mindfulness (recording)
    • + Intro to Mindfulness. Meditation Safety
      + Intro to Yoga: 6 Movements of the Spine
      + Mindful Eating
      + Meditation Primer & Meditation on Body/Breath
  • Fundamentals of Mindfulness (recording)
    • +Science of Mindfulness
      +Mindfulness Meditation on Thoughts
      +Standing & Balancing Yoga
      +3 -Part Breathing
  • Embodied Mindfulness (recording)
    • +Chair Yoga
      +Mindfulness Meditation on Sounds
      +Neuroscience of Mindfulness
      +Body Scan
  • Communication and Compassion (recording
    • +Mindful Communication & Listening
      +Mindfulness Meditation on Emotions & Compassion Meditation
      +Gentle Lying-Down Yoga
      +Alternate Nostril Breathing
  • Mindfulness and Resiliency (recording)
    • +Science on Pain & Resiliency
      +Restorative Yoga
      +Meditation Hindrances
  • Sustaining Daily Mindfulness (recording
    • +Chair Sun Salutation
      +Breathing Routine
      +Extended Meditation Practice: Befriending Silence
      +Mindful Steps Summary Round-table Discussion