This information is for physicians and providers who need to:

  • Refer a patient to United Hospital Center
  • Connect with a personal physician liaison

At United Hospital Center, we are committed to helping our physician colleagues, both within our system as well as outside of the organization. Whether for treatment, a single consultation, second opinion, or ongoing follow-up, our physicians will keep consulting physicians informed of their patient’s treatment plan and will assist in coordinating long-term care management.

Primary care providers can use our online referral management system to make appointments with our specialty clinics. For any questions or information regarding the system, please contact Suzanne Hornor at 681-342-1225

Find a Doctor

If you know the name or department, please use our online Find a Doctor directory of physicians. You can also access our healthcare services menu to find the department’s subsite and the appropriate phone number for your call.

If you are unsure of the provider or the department, call our referral system line at 800-607-8888.