Thomas Hospitals offers a variety of substance abuse and mental health services – inpatient, outpatient programs are available. The Behavioral Health Center provides comprehensive, compassionate programs for adult psychiatric and substance abuse patients. Our Med/Psych Unit is designed to meet the special physical and psychiatric needs of geriatric psychiatric patients. The Addiction Healing Center at Saint Francis Hospital (substance abuse), Beacon Outpatient Services (psychiatric services) provides help on an outpatient or partial hospitalization basis, and Pregnancy Connections. To access any of our programs, for more information, to schedule assessments or for referrals, call the Thomas Behavioral Health Connections 304-766-3553 or 800-992-3010. Individuals seeking psychiatric or substance abuse services will receive immediate attention. Referrals are accepted 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from physicians, mental health professionals, community agencies, judicial systems, businesses, clergy, schools, families, friends and individuals.

Behavioral Health Connections

Phone: 800-992-3010
Behavioral Health Connections is the initial point of contact for those seeking psychiatric or substance use disorder treatment. Assessments are offered through Behavioral Health Connections and can help individuals identify the proper course of treatment. Referrals for assessments are accepted 24 hours a day from other medical and behavioral health professionals.

SUD Inpatient Unit

Our inpatient treatment program is designed to assist adult patients with establishing and maintaining sobriety through a 12-step program based on the disease model of addiction. Patients will have an initial evaluation with an Addictionologist and/ or Psychiatrist and regular follow-up, throughout the treatment program. Detoxification services are also available with ongoing nursing and medical care. Therapists will meet with patients to develop an individualized treatment plan. The therapists also provide group, individual and family therapy. Patients will participate in AA and/or NA meetings daily. Attempts will be made to assist patients with obtaining a temporary sponsor while they are in the program, so that, upon discharge, there are community supports in place. Patients will also be provided with education regarding addiction and recovery, along with coping skills training and other relapse prevention strategies. Recovery Coaches are utilized to assist with education, activities, and supervision to off-unit events. Families will be invited/expected to participate in family education and family sessions and are referred to Alanon for continued support.

Outpatient Program for Adults

This program offers intensive outpatient psychiatric treatment for adults whose problems and issues are not severe enough to require acute inpatient hospitalization but do present with significant difficulties functioning in normal day-to-day activities.

Dual Diagnosis Program

Dual Diagnosis is the co-existence of at least one mental health and at least one substance use disorder. This program provides each participant with knowledge about his/her diagnosis, abuse patterns or addiction, relapse prevention, recovery and helps develops strategies to deal with problem areas. This program offers professional treatment designed to deal with the multitude of problems resulting from use and abuse of substances as well as co-occurring mental health disorders which may complicate the establishment of a strong recovery plan. This program is available to individuals who have recently completed detoxification and/or a brief inpatient hospitalization or those individuals with symptoms and problems that significantly interfere with performing daily activities. Our goal is to provide a level of treatment designed to reduce symptoms, improve coping skills and to assist in the development of new skills, which will improve the participant’s ability to function in their daily lives. An individualized treatment plan is developed, along with the therapist and psychiatrist, based on presenting problems and needs. Treatment is provided in a group setting several days a week for a minimum of three hours a day. Process groups, education groups, family therapy/education, involvement in AA, NA, Alanon and continuing care are all components of the programs that may be included in the treatment plan. Family participation is also encouraged in the patient’s overall treatment strategy. Transportation can also be arranged on an individualized basis.


Psychiatry on Poplar Street
500 Poplar Street, Suite 204 | South Charleston, WV 25309 | 304-414-2895

Behavioral Health Services at Saint Francis Hospital
333 Laidley Street | Charleston, WV 25301 | 304-347-6500

Behavioral Health Services at Thomas Memorial Hospital
4605 MacCorkle Ave SW | South Charleston, WV 25309 | 304-766-3600