Care Connection: Minor outdoor injuries can be evaluated virtually

After more than a year of quarantine and fewer things to do, most of us are ready for a warm weather adventure or activity, like bike rides, hiking, sports, and camping. Unfortunately, time spent outdoors can sometimes lead to fractures, sprains, injuries, or pain. WVU Medicine Care Connection is here to help, if you find that you’ve played a little too hard. We’ll evaluate any minor aches and pains, and determine if you need further treatment.

Free, convenient virtual treatment options are available for WVU Medicine employees and their families who are enrolled in a WVU Medicine medical plan. With a secure connection via a smartphone, computer, or tablet, we’ll discuss your symptoms and develop a treatment plan for any minor outdoor injuries or ailments.

The Care Connection programs include:

  • Virtual video visits treat acute, non-emergent, primary care needs, including aches and pains.
  • E-visits can be used to treat a wide range of conditions via MyWVUChart.
  • Nurse navigators offer quick, expert advice and answer any questions about your symptoms: 1-844-484-2360.

Some of the minor aches and pains we can assess virtually include:

Lower back pain
From the comfort of your own home, you’ll receive expert advice about any back pain symptoms – a definite perk if back pain makes it difficult to move. A WVU Medicine Care Connection provider will ask questions and may suggest that you try some movements to assess any reduced mobility you’re experiencing. A lot of times, back pain can be safely managed at home with medicine and rest.

Arthritis pain
If you’ve overextended yourself and aggravated arthritis, we can monitor any inflammation, pain, or swelling and suggest treatment.

Sports injuries
Are you unsure if you need to make the trip to WVU Medicine Urgent Care or not? We can help if you or someone in your family has a sports-related injury. WVU Medicine Care Connection appointments may reduce time sitting in traffic or the waiting room, as well as the cost of care.

Joint pain
Many cases of joint pain can be treated at home with over-the-counter or prescription medicine, rest, and icing of the joint. If you have pain in your hip, knee, shoulder, or other joint, a WVU Medicine provider will virtually assess your symptoms and make recommendations for additional care and treatment.

Ankle injuries
If your ankle feels irritated after a hike or long walk, a WVU Medicine Care Connection visit can help ease your pain and any concerns. Most ankle injuries don’t require an x-ray or medical treatment. A WVU Medicine provider will examine and assess your ankle injury via video visit with your assistance. You may be asked to touch your ankle in specific places and describe how it feels.

WVU Medicine Care Connection patients may need additional testing, imaging, or treatment for outdoor-related injuries, ailments, or pain. If you or a family member is experiencing severe pain or discomfort, visit the emergency room or call 911.