The Fairmont Medical Center, a campus of J.W. Ruby Memorial Hospital, provides high-quality emergency and inpatient care for the residents of Marion County and the surrounding area. We have served the community for more than 80 years since Fairmont General Hospital first opened in 1939.

After the hospital’s former owner closed the Fairmont Regional Medical Center in March 2020, WVU Medicine opened a new campus of J.W. Ruby Memorial Hospital at the Locust Avenue location, renaming it Fairmont Medical Center in June 2020.

Emergency and inpatient services at the Fairmont Medical Center complement the care already provided at the WVU Medicine Fairmont Gateway Clinic and WVU Medicine West Fairmont Clinic.

A multiphase expansion and infrastructure upgrades are underway at Fairmont Medical Center:


  • Increase inpatient beds to 80
  • Add 30 skilled nursing beds
  • Renovate operating and procedure rooms
  • Add outpatient imaging, laboratory, and infusion services
  • Add specialty clinics

Infrastructure upgrades

  • Add central energy plant
  • Create helipad
  • Upgrade façade and roofing