Our mission is to lift the burden of metabolic disease in our patients and communities, and help them reach their healthiest potential.


We use a team approach to care for diabetes, obesity, and other metabolic conditions. We provide expertise to meet the unique needs of each patient and family. Individually-tailored plans contain state-of-the-art medical treatment, as well as the four pillars of our lifestyle approach: food, movement, sleep, and stress reduction.


Core Strength Exercises

Core muscles include the muscles of the back, abdomen and pelvis.  Strong core muscles improve posture, reduce back pain, and make other exercise activities easier.  Click Here To Print Perform each exercise for the suggested number of repetitions. Complete the...

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West Virginia rocks: A community activity

Every day I learn something new from my patients. This week, a boy told me that he found a way to exercise using rocks. Rocks, I thought? I imagined him weight lifting boulders in the back yard as I asked him to tell me more… In our community, there is a movement...

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A Breakfast Classic: The Omelet

Use these 4 instructions to make a classic healthy breakfast. Get creative in your combinations using some of our favorite tips!


Walk with a Doc

At our local Farmers' Markets, Center providers participate in Walk with a Doc to allow community members to make a connection with doctors and get people out "exercising and walking in a more comfortable environment." MARTINSBURG–Start off the weekend with a 1-mile...

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Program Prepares Future Doctors in More Than Medicine

MARTINSBURG — Just a few years ago, if you’d have told medical students to put on aprons and chef hats and begin to prepare a meal for a diabetic patient, you might have gotten a funny look in response. Well, if you’re a third-year medical student at West Virginia...

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Olfert Research Lab

Located at West Virginia University in Morgantown, WV, the Olfert Research Lab specializes in lifestyle intervention research approaches for the prevention of chronic diseases across one’s lifespan. The research team studies lifestyle behavioral interventions to reduce risk of disease and existing disease. These conditions include obesity, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes in at-risk populations, particularly those of health disparate regions.

Through design, approach, dissemination, and implementation, our research team translate findings into lifestyle intervention models. In order to refine our models and increase their effectiveness, we are actively monitoring and evaluating the results.

Finding Wellness

Gwen Emery, MD, a family medicine physician at WVU Medicine’s Cheat Lake location in Morgantown, WV, created the program in cooperation with West Virginia University and the Prevention Research Center. Kroger is also working closely with the program. The Finding Wellness program is led by health professionals and includes:

  • Live cooking demonstrations by the best local chefs
  • Free tools to promote healthy lifestyle habits
  • Supermarket tours, recipes, and free ingredients
  • Health and wellness seminars on topics such as mindful eating, fitness, right-size portions, and truth vs. myth about popular diets and supplements

The goal is to promote healthy lifestyle habits.

Appalachian Diabetes Coalition

The purpose of the Appalachian Diabetes Control and Translation Project is to prevent and control diabetes by developing a coalition in poor rural counties across Appalachia. The project helps coalitions organize around the problem of diabetes, including planning, implementing, and evaluating their specific projects. The community projects help people with type 2 diabetes control their disease; they also help prevent the disease in people who may be at risk.


The MedCHEFS program at WVU Health Sciences Center’s Eastern Division in the eastern panhandle of West Virginia is breaking new ground by emphasizing nutrition and exercise in interactions between medical doctors and patients. The Medical Curriculum in Health Exercise and Food Sciences (MedCHEFS) provides medical students with effective tools to help them change health problems like obesity, diabetes, and heart disease, which are common health issues in West Virginia.

Leaders at the Eastern Division have changed the curriculum for future physicians through this innovative program, and it aims to expose medical students to the science of nutrition and exercise in a way that will help them provide sound patient care and advice regarding healthy lifestyle behaviors..

Try This West Virginia

“Try This West Virginia” is focused on helping to “knock West Virginia off the top of the worst health lists, community by community.” The program motto is “It’s up to us!” The group believes that people can make healthy changes in their lifestyles more easily if healthy choices are available in their community. There are many parts to the “Try This” movement. The program provides many “how-to” resources and great West Virginia models for improving community health. It is a way for West Virginians to trade ideas and help each other. Combine that with the group’s Facebook page and other social media, and you get a powerful resource that helps West Virginians help each other. “Try This” is evidence-based, grounded in the socio-ecological model of health promotion.

Division on Health Promotion and Chronic Disease

The Division of Health Promotion and Chronic Disease takes a comprehensive approach to chronic disease management and prevention, working with communities, health systems, and decision-makers to make it easier for people to be healthy in the places they live, work, play and pray. The group’s goals are to decrease obesity and improve key chronic disease indicators. Their programs include a strategic plan to combat obesity and chronic disease in West Virginia, goals and objectives to prevent obesity and related chronic diseases, diabetes prevention and management classes, and more.

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