Chris hopped on his motorcycle one July morning and headed to work. But a terrible accident sent him to WVU Medicine’s trauma center, where the quick, expert work of WVU Medicine trauma surgeons – and the use of a new emergency treatment device – save his life.

Michaelyn was riding on the back of a motorcycle with a friend near Parkersburg. A car turned in front of the pair changing Michaelyn’s life forever.

Chase Doyle was on his way to his first grade Halloween party when he was hit by a car. Watch how the medical team at WVU Medicine’s Jon Michael Moore Trauma Center saved Chase’s life.

Kevin Eckenrode suffered near-fatal injuries from a boating accident at Deep Creek Lake, Maryland. Kevin survived thanks to the Jon Michael Moore Trauma Center team, and with a great attitude and perseverance, he continues to spend time with his family and enjoy life.

Chad Kirtley suffered traumatic injuries to his brain, legs, chest, and arms during a motorcycle crash. The work of the Jon Michael Moore Trauma Center saved his life, and with determination and strength, he has battled his way through rehabilitation.

After an acrobatic dance fall, Meg Throckmorton was completely paralyzed and told she would probably never walk again and would remain on a ventilator the rest of her life. But the trauma surgeons at the Jon Michael Moore Trauma Center had other ideas and implemented a groundbreaking treatment that turned Meg’s life around.