The WVU Cancer Institute is West Virginia’s premier cancer program with a national reputation of excellence in cancer treatment, prevention, and research.

Our teams of cancer specialists work closely with each patient to develop the best possible tailored treatment plans. In addition to our state-of-the-art treatments, the Cancer Institute also provides access to national clinical trials.

We also understand that the geography of our state makes traveling for care difficult, that’s why we have partnered with several regional centers to provide the caliber of care that people travel to Morgantown to receive.

We’ve created a network where patients receive most of their cancer care close to home in their own communities, with the hub at Morgantown designed to support those centers and provide advanced care when patients need it.

Our goal is to offer the best care to all of our patients by making our specialized resources accessible to our regional physicians. In that way we ensure that every WVU Cancer Institute patient receives the same top-quality care.

One of the WVU Cancer Institute greatest strengths is our tumor boards, which are a broad range of multidisciplinary clinical teams. Each patient’s case is brought before a team of experts specific to that cancer type. The room is filled with as many as 30 people representing all aspects of cancer care, from surgery and clinical trials to social services and pastoral care, to discuss all angles of a patient’s unique case and determine the best course of action.

As part of our commitment to our patients and regional partners, we created a community tumor board where local physicians can attend remotely to present patient cases for discussion, second opinion, or, if needed, referral for advanced care in Morgantown.