Our cancer specialists work closely with patients to develop the best possible treatment plans. We also offer access to national clinical trials.

We also have built partnerships with hospitals throughout West Virginia and Western Maryland to ensure you can have convenient access to our cancer specialists and services. This has enabled us to create a regional network of cancer clinics where patients can receive most of their cancer care close to home. For patients who might need more advanced cancer care, our Morgantown location can provide them the support and services they need.

We also leverage the collective talents of our cancer doctors by holding “tumor boards,” which are perhaps the Cancer Institute’s greatest strength. A tumor board is a group of doctors who specialize in a variety of cancers. Together, they review cases and discuss different treatment options, all with the goal of determining the best course of action for the patients.

As part of our commitment to our patients and regional partners, we created a community tumor board where local doctors can attend remotely to present patient cases for discussion, second opinion, or, if needed, referral for advanced care at our main location in Morgantown.