Vendor Information


To access our facilities and be eligible for business with Wheeling Hospital, you must register in our vendor credentialing and compliance monitoring system.

We have partnered with IntelliCentrics to manage vendor compliance. Every representative registered with our system will receive a SEC3URE Passport to access our facilities.

Every representative from your company who interacts with Wheeling Hospital is required to create a profile.

We appreciate your immediate attention to this critical initiative as we manage ever increasing regulations, mandates and oversight.

Register Now

Our facilities are using IntelliCentrics’ SEC3URE technology platform to credential and verify vendor representatives. For more information visit or go to to register and receive your SEC3URE Passport.

If you already have a SEC3URE Passport, just log in and add Wheeling Hospital to your account.

If you have any questions, contact IntelliCentrics customer support Heroes at 817-732-3783 or [email protected].

Always sign in and out when you visit any Wheeling Hospital facility and park in the Vendor Parking area (see parking map below). Your company’s ability to conduct business with Wheeling Hospital is contingent on your complete and continued compliance. Thank you.

Vendor Parking

Wheeling Hospital Vendor Parking