The Comprehensive Breast Care Center at Wheeling Hospital provides a comprehensive approach to breast health. Breast cancer is one of the leading causes of death among women in the U.S. Early detection is the single most important component to improving survival and optimizing the quality of life.

The center facilitates rapid surgical consultations and, when appropriate, same-day interventions, all in one location. The result is more timely diagnosis and the easing of anxiety for women with a breast abnormality.

Diagnostic studies, surgical interventions and follow-up are provided by a surgeon specializing in breast care.

  • A surgeon is available Monday through Friday mornings for consultation in the Comprehensive Breast Care Center.
  • If the patient and the surgeon both agree that a biopsy is the appropriate plan of care, the Comprehensive Breast Care Center is prepared for the patient to have the diagnostic procedure performed on the day of the consultation visit.
  • Most biopsies can be performed with minimally invasive techniques using ultrasound guidance or stereotactic localization. In addition, needle localization and excisional biopsies can be performed when indicated. The type of biopsy recommended is normally determined by the type and location of the questionable lesion.
  • For each patient, the Comprehensive Breast Care Center team coordinates a multidisciplinary treatment plan. Depending on the specific case, the team may include specialists in radiology, surgery, pathology, oncology, social services, support networks, as well as other professionals.
  • The Comprehensive Breast Care Center nurse navigator provides educational materials and personalized care, helping patients navigate the various aspects of their treatment plans.
  • Individuals may be seen in the Comprehensive Breast Care Center by physician referral or self-referral, depending on their health insurance requirements.
  • The Breast Cancer Risk Assessment measurement allows a health care professional to project a woman’s individualized estimate of risk for invasive breast cancer over a five-year period and over her lifetime. This calculated score can then be used as a guide for breast cancer prevention and surveillance options.


Wheeling Hospital offers three digital mammography units, as well as one at the St. Clairsville Health Center. The hospital also utilizes three-dimensional (3D) mammography, a more advanced method to detect breast cancer, especially in women with dense breast tissue. The outcome for women depends on the stage at which breast cancer is detected. Early detection can make a tremendous difference in survival rates. When there is a known abnormality, having breast ultrasound imaging also available when the mammogram is performed gives the patient a full diagnostic exam.

At the Comprehensive Breast Care Center, the highly trained staff offers personalized guidance through our navigation process. Moving a patient through care is a complex and highly individualized process. Having the assistance of a navigator trained to help a patient through the process greatly reduces the complexity and confusion. During the breast imaging navigation stages, the navigator ensures the patient receives timely exam results, is scheduled for appropriate follow-up care or next routine imaging exam.




Monday through Friday: 7 am to 3:30 pm

Evening and Saturday hours are available.


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