Glen Dale, W.Va. – WVU Medicine Reynolds Memorial Hospital announced the arrival of physicians Hugo Andreini, M.D., Raymond Hinerman, M.D., John Michalski, M.D., and Chad Richmond, D.O.

After completing a Community Health Assessment last year, Reynolds worked to recruit physicians and services to serve the specific needs identified in the study. These physicians bring specialized care to Reynolds Memorial Hospital.

All physicians are accepting new patients. Any previous patient can now be seen at their new location inside Reynolds Memorial Hospital in Glen Dale.

Dr. Andreini, formerly of Trinity Health System, specializes in urology. To make an appointment, please call 304-221-4543.

Dr. Hinerman, formerly of Wheeling Hospital, specializes in otolaryngology (ear, nose, and throat). To make an appointment, please call 304-221-4541.

Dr. Michalski, who joined Reynolds in November 2017, has officially moved his practice from Martins Ferry, Ohio to Reynolds’ Orthopedic Services Practice. To make an appointment, please call 304-221-4520.

Dr. Richmond, who previously served as an Emergency Department physician at Reynolds, will now take the role of primary care physician at the Reynolds Center for Primary Care. He will also take on former patients of David Nally, M.D., who retired in May of this year. The Reynolds Center for Primary Care is located in the Marshall County Professional Building, Suite 101. To make an appointment, please call 304-845-4340.