WVU Medicine Camden Clark Launches MountainZERO, a Patient Safety Focused Initiative

WVU Medicine Camden Clark Medical Center has rolled out a system-wide initiative called MountainZERO that is a patient safety focused initiative to increase communication and eliminate all possible hospital-acquired infections, blood clots, serious medication errors, and preventable harm events.

It’s more than just an initiative – it’s a belief system, a journey to eliminate preventable harm, and a culture of consistently preventing harm to our patients. We will be measuring the success of MountainZERO by monitoring the following metrics: serious falls, pressure ulcers, catheter associated urinary tract infections, central line associated blood stream infections, serious medication errors, and venous thromboembolisms.

"MountainZERO is an exciting new initiative to assist WVU Medicine Camden Clark as we journey toward a patient centered culture which holds the belief that zero preventable harm to our patients is what we strive to achieve." -- Shelly West, Patient Safety Officer

Watch the video to learn more about MountainZERO from our employees.