WVU Medicine Camden Clark Medical Center has kicked off their inaugural physician leadership academy with a class of seven local physicians participating in the program. The development of the Laurence B. Mallory Physician Leadership Academy is an extension of an established leadership academy named in memory of a dedicated member of the board of directors.

The perspective framework of the curriculum is focused on six areas: Self, Organization (CCMC), Community, Systemization (WVU Medicine), the Global Healthcare Market, and Theory. Nancy Brooks, who leads the academy, said “the program will provide the participating physicians a broader view of healthcare and fundamental leadership concepts while at the same time providing an opportunity to learn more about themselves. The ultimate outcome, however, will be their leadership in further improvements of the quality of care and patient safety.”

Pictured with WVU Medicine Camden Clark CEO Steve Altmiller are participating doctors Brian Richardson, Jeff McElroy, Jeremy Parsons, Michael Cheshire, Gabriella Olson, Andrew Derick Bryant and John Onestinghel.