WVU Medicine Berkeley Medical Center acquires new technology for advanced seizure monitoring

MARTINSBURG, W.Va. – WVU Medicine Berkeley Medical Center recently became the first hospital in West Virginia to acquire the new Ceribell Rapid Response Electroencephalography (EEG) system for advanced seizure monitoring.

The system will be used in the hospital’s Intensive Care Unit (ICU) to monitor brain activity of critically ill or injured patients at high risk of experiencing non-convulsive seizures.

Patients experiencing non-convulsive seizures do not display any outward symptoms, making prompt diagnosis and treatment through traditional EEG difficult. The Ceribell Rapid Response EEG system was developed to address limitations in EEG acquisition and interpretation so patients at risk of seizure can be triaged more quickly.

The Neurocritical Care Society recommends EEG should be initiated within 15 to 60 minutes of a suspected seizure. Additionally, the American Heart Association guidelines require EEG to be promptly performed and interpreted for the diagnosis of seizures in all comatose patients after cardiac arrest.

Rapid response EEG empowers bedside clinicians to quickly triage and continuously monitor patients without having to wait for complex equipment or specially trained technicians. The system consists of a simple headband with integrated electrodes and a pocket-sized recorder. Using an online portal, clinicians can continuously monitor the patient’s brain activity and receive immediate notification if a seizure occurs.

According to Jonathan H. Sherman, M.D., director of surgical neuro-oncology, the Ceribell Rapid Response EEG system is a vital tool in providing the best possible outcomes for critically ill and injured patients.

“The longer a seizure goes untreated, the greater the risk of permanent brain damage or mortality,” Sherman said. “With Rapid Response EEG, Berkeley Medical Center clinicians now have access to the most advanced diagnostic information, allowing them to make informed treatment decisions quickly.”

For more information, visit ceribell.com or WVUMedicine.org/Berkeley.


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