The countdown to Kids Fair is ON!

Popular family event is set for April 22 at Morgantown Mall

Get on board, the countdown to WVU Medicine Children’s Kids Fair is on! Families will descend upon Morgantown Mall from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Saturday, April 22 for a day of space-themed fun. We'll have 53 exhibitors on hand, featuring games, activities, wellness screenings, and more! Here's a taste of what you'll find:


Animation of Pee Wee Herman brushing teeth with giant toothbrush

It’s never too early to take care of your child’s teeth. When kids learn to brush and floss with WVU Pediatric Dentistry, their smiles will sparkle like the stars! 


Animated brain dancing

That space between their ears is constantly developing and changing. Get a different kind of workout with WVU Neuro Labs’ brain-building games! 


Old animation of skeletons playing ring around the rosie

A sturdy frame keeps us standing tall, so how do we build and keep a healthy set of bones? Learn about your skeleton with an activity led by WVU Medicine Pediatric Orthopaedics


Animated image of Spongebob and Patrick Star running

Runners of all ages can take part in September’s WVU Medicine Morgantown Marathon!  Don’t miss this chance to meet race organizers and learn about the Kids’ Fun Run and Mountain Mama 8K races. 


Old footage of a teenaged boy doing sit-ups

Is your body fit for space travel? Young astronauts-in-training can test their limits with games and exercise challenges at the WVU Medicine Clark K. Sleeth Family Medicine Center booth. 


Old film footage of a child washing his hands with too much soap

What’s the best way to keep from getting sick? Soap and water help keep a constellation of germs out of your body. Play an “alien invasion” game and learn about hand hygiene with WVU Medicine Cheat Lake Physicians!


Animated image of a small robot passing by

If you invented a robot, what would you design it to do? Meet some real-life robots and their WVU engineering student masters when the WVU Robotics team lands at Morgantown Mall!


Cartoon image of lady reading on a bench with her dog by her side

Therapy dogs can have a “paw-sitive” impact on our health and happiness. Alliance of Therapy Dogs, WVU Medicine Chestnut Ridge Center, and WVU Child Development and Family Studies will be on hand with furry friends.

Click here for more information about WVU Medicine Children's Kids Fair, and we'll see you there!