The Center for Women’s Health at St. Joseph’s Hospital honors healthcare professionals

BUCKHANNON, W.VA. – The Center for Women’s Health at WVU Medicine St. Joseph’s Hospital recently honored several healthcare professionals for the valuable role they play in women’s healthcare. 

(From left to right) Katherine Keely Burnside, P.A.-C.; Sarah Riffle, R.D.M.S.; Amanda Ketterman, B.S.N., M.S.N., C.N.M.; Sarah Hicks, C.N.M.; and Kathryn Robinson, C.N.M.

Those honored include Physician Assistant Katherine Keely Burnside, P.A.-C.; Certified Nurse Midwives Sarah Hicks, C.N.M.; Amanda Ketterman, B.S.N., M.S.N., C.N.M.; and Kathryn Robinson, C.N.M.; and Registered Diagnostic Medical Sonographer Sarah Riffle, R.D.M.S.  

Physician assistants (PA) are medical professionals, who diagnose illness, develop and manage treatment plans, prescribe medications, and can serve as a primary healthcare provider. PAs improve healthcare access and quality, making it easier for patients to get the care their need. 

Certified nurse midwives are trained health professionals, who help healthy women during labor, delivery, and after the birth of their babies. They provide gynecological care to adolescents and women all the way through menopause. They are registered nurses who have graduated from an accredited nurse-midwifery education program and have passed national exams. 

Registered diagnostic medical sonographers are highly trained technologists, who operate ultrasound equipment to produce images of patients’ organs, tissues, and blood flow. The images sonographers obtain give doctors information they need to diagnose the cause and extent of illnesses, diseases, and disorders.

“We are really honored to have such knowledgeable and dedicated providers to enhance the care in our community,” Kimberly Farry, M.D., said. “It gives patients choices in the kind of healthcare they want for themselves.”