Perinatal Transition Program at WVU Medicine Wheeling Hospital aims to help the entire family

The specialized Perinatal Transition Program at WVU Medicine Wheeling Hospital is working to promote healthy environments for moms, babies and their entire families.

It is part of the IMPACT WV research study, designed to develop strategies to expand services and create opportunities that encourage children’s healthy development. The multi-generational approach to coordinating programs addresses barriers to care (such as poverty and geographic isolation) that can have a negative impact on a child’s health and future development.
Focusing on the whole family highlights the importance of the family unit in shaping a child's health and future. In order to achieve the goals of health, financial security and independence, IMPACT WV utilizes patient navigators dedicated to coordinating specialized care, which includes food insecurity, housing, education, clothing, transportation, and child care.
The IMPACT WV site housed in the Perinatal Transition Program at WVU Medicine Wheeling Hospital is one of three sites in the state. Patient Navigator Mikisha Lee works hand in hand with the Transition Program Coordinators, Holly Sroka, RN, Katie Khamsoucksaly, RN and Amy Bott, BSN, RN, to encourage a healthy environment for all participants. Overseeing the program is Poornima Murthy, MD, neonatologist at WVU Medicine Wheeling Hospital.
“The Perinatal Transition Program is a specialized service for women impacted by substance use during pregnancy,” Dr. Murthy said. “Individualized support is provided by the Transition Coordinators to assess current needs and empower women throughout their pregnancy. With a warm handoff from the Transition Coordinators to the Patient Navigator, the established support and education is reinforced and expanded throughout the postpartum period.”
Participation in this study is voluntary. Taking part in the study will have no adverse effect on the services that a patient receives from a partnering agency. The results of this research will help IMPACT WV continue to improve services to not only moms and babies, but entire families in WV.
To be eligible for participation in IMPACT WV, the family must:
  • Have a child born within the last 3 months who was diagnosed with NAS or exposed to substances in utero.
  • Live in Ohio, Marshall, Wetzel, Tyler, Preston, Harrison, Marion counties in West Virginia.
To make a self-referral, or for someone you know, contact:
Mikisha Lee, Patient Navigator IMPACT WV
Amy Bott, BSN, RN, Perinatal Transition Program
Katie Khamsoucksaly, RN, Perinatal Transition Program
Holly Sroka, RN, Program Coordinator, Perinatal Transition Program
Poornima S. Murthy MD MRCP FAAP FRCPC, Attending Neonatologist
Additional information on IMPACT WV services and referrals can be found at