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Mission and Senior Leadership Statement

Mission Statement

The Wellness Department at WVU Medicine is dedicated to improving the lives of all employees on the Health Sciences Campus at WVU and its satellite locations by building a culture of well-being while providing opportunities for employees to create and maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.

Statement of Support from Senior Leadership of the Health Sciences Campus of WVU

Our shared mission at WVU Medicine and the Health Sciences Center is to improve the health of West Virginia. We can only be successful in helping others achieve health if we create and maintain an environment that both supports and encourages the health and well-being of our employees. The Wellness Department offers a wide variety of programs in the hopes that each of us will find resources that help us thrive. We encourage each of you to take advantage of the Wellness Department and explore the many services it offers.

Albert L. Wright, Jr., President and Chief Executive Officer, WVU Medicine
Clay Marsh, MD, Vice President and Executive Dean for Health Sciences, WVU