Many elements included in resident benefits are governed by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) and American Board of Family Medicine (ABFM) requirements, and United Hospital Center (UHC) Handbook or policies and procedures. The following is a brief summary of many of the benefits afforded UHC Family Medicine residents and is subject to change as directed by the above.

2020 Salaries





15 Days

5 Days


15 Days

5 Days


20 Days

5 Days
Chief Resident


20 Days

5 Days


VACATION, ILLNESS, AND OTHER SHORT-TERM ABSENCES: The residency program follows attendance requirements put forth by the American Board of Family Medicine (ABFM). Residents are expected to perform their duties as Resident physicians for a minimum period of eleven months each academic year. Therefore, absence from the Residency Program for vacation, illness, personal business, leave, etc., must not exceed a combined total of one (1) month per academic year. The ABFM’s definition of a “month” is 21 work days or 30 calendar days.

Vacation periods may not accumulate from one year to another. Annual vacations must be taken in the year of the service for which the vacation is granted. No two vacation periods may be concurrent (e.g., last month of the G-2 year and first month of the G-3 year in sequence) and a Resident does not have the option of reducing the total time required for residency (36 calendar months) by relinquishing vacation time. Residents are encouraged to take necessary time off for recovery, wellness, and bonding; but requirements for completion of residency training established by the ACGME must still be fulfilled so extended time away from may extend training.

Paid Time Off (Vacation, Sick, Parental and other Leaves of Absence)

Per the UHC Handbook. Basically, residents receive 15-20 days, depending on PGY year, of paid time off to utilize as needed or desired. Paid maternity leave is achieved utilizing 3 PTO days and short term disability at 100% salary. Other parental leaves use PTO, enlist work from home rotations, or additional time can be taken without pay. Residents are eligible for FMLA if needed or desired. ABFM and ACGME rules and guidelines apply to residency completion.

Lactation Room

The program has a private, dedicated lactation room complete with a reclining chair with heat and massage, a refrigerator/freezer, sink, storage area, mirror and locked door.

Paid Holidays

New Year’s Day

Memorial Day

July 4th

Labor Day

Thanksgiving Day

Christmas Day

One Floating Holiday of Choice

If a resident is on duty and works one of these holidays, he/she may schedule an alternative day off within the next two (2) months, when possible.


Health and other insurances are per the UHC Handbook. A detailed Benefit Summary is provided to trainees at the time the contract is extended and is available for review on the residency website and during the contract/policy review session of interview day.

Medical benefits begin on July 1 for the resident and his/her covered dependents (following completion of required enrollment processes, etc.). Some benefits include, medical, eye and dental.

Term Life Insurance in the amount of the annual stipend is provided at no cost, additional coverage may be purchased.

Short and long term disability benefits are provided per the UHC Handbook. Residents are treated as medical staff for purposes of short term disability which affords them the highest level of coverage.

Medical Liability Coverage

 Medical Liability Coverage is provided at no cost to the resident and is “Occurrence” based.


Residents receive a $120/ month meal allowance in the hospital cafeteria for meals and in the Alatta Java coffee shop while on duty/call. The cafeteria is open 7 days per week, approximately 20 hours per day. The program has a breakroom, multiple refrigerators, microwaves, coffee, water and ice machines and snacks on site.

Call Rooms

UHC provides dedicated call rooms for family medicine residents while on call, night medicine or if too fatigued to return home after an assignment.

Lab Coats/Uniforms

The resident will receive three embroidered lab coats each academic year. Lab coats are ordered and received through the Medical Staff office. Generally residents do not wear uniforms; however, scrubs are provided at no charge when clinical duties dictate. 

Moving Expenses

Residents may be reimbursed up to $2,000.00 for moving expenses on a one-time basis for relocation purposes. All receipts for expenses incurred after Match day must be itemized and for items such as moving companies, moving trucks, boxes, etc. Reimbursement will be received on the initial residency paycheck after receipts are submitted. Questions regarding covered expenses should be forwarded to the Residency Administrator prior to the expenditure.

Continuing Medical Education (CME) Funds

Each resident will be entitled to $1,000.00 per year for Medical Education Conferences, educational modules, test bank questions or books/Aps, etc. The EMR utilized by the Program provides electronics access to various on-line resources such as Up-to Date, etc. at all times. Non-utilized money will not be carried over to the next year.

Signing Bonus

United Hospital Center may provide to the resident a one-time signing bonus with the initial contract with UHC. UHC will withhold taxes from this bonus in order to prevent penalties at the time of filing income taxes. All required employment documentation must be complete and processed by the Human Resources department of United Hospital Center prior to the issuance of the bonus.


The hospital provides free parking in the lot located next to the Family Medicine Center, as well as other locations on the UHC campus. Free parking exists for all required rotations.