United Hospital Center offers a competitive compensation and benefits package. Residents are subject to and protected by the policies of United Hospital Center; a summary of some applicable benefits is listed below.

2016-17 Salaries

2017-18 Salaries




$53,000 / year


10 Days

5 Days/ $1,000

$55,000 / year


15 Days

5 Days/ $1,000

$57,000 / year


20 Days

5 Days/ $1,000
Chief Resident

$59,000 / year


20 Days

5 Days/ $1,000


(A detailed Benefit Summary is provided to trainees at the time the contract is extended and is available for review during the contract/policy review session of interview day)

Malpractice Insurance $4,5000,000.00/$8,500,000.00 and is “Occurrence” based

Health and Hospital Insurance (as per UHC Associate Handbook)

Term Life Insurance in the amount of the annual stipend

Disability Insurance one-half of the resident’s regular compensation schedule or

one-half $30,000.00 annually whichever is less.

Paid Holidays

New Year’s Day

Good Friday (Easter)

Memorial Day

July 4th

Labor Day

Thanksgiving Day

Christmas Day

If a resident is on duty and works one of these holidays, he/she may schedule an equal amount of compensation time at a time of his/her choosing within the next two (2) months.

Sick Leave

Per the UHC policy, one day accrues for each month worked, up to a maximum of 45 days. Sick time is added to the “Time Away” total for the academic year, which cannot exceed one month in an academic year.


Residents receive a $100/ month meal allowance in the hospital cafeteria for meals while on call/duty.

Lab Coats

The resident will receive three lab coats with the his/her name embroidered onto the coats each academic year. Lab coats are ordered and received through the Medical Staff Office

Moving Expenses

The resident may be reimbursed up to $2,000.00 for moving expenses on a one-time basis for relocation purposes. All receipts for expenses must be itemized and for items such as moving companies, moving trucks, boxes, etc. Any questions regarding covered expenses should addressed to the Residency Manager.

Medical Education & Textbooks

Each resident will be entitled to $1,000.00 per year for Medical Education Conferences or books. The EMR utilized by the Program provides electronic access to various on-line resources such as Up-to Date, etc at all times. Non-utilized money will not be carried over to the next year.

Signing Bonus

United Hospital Center may provide to the resident a one time signing bonus for the signing of the initial contract with UHC. UHC will withhold taxes from this bonus in order to prevent penalties at the time of filing income taxes. All required employment documentation must be complete and processed by the Human Resources department of United Hospital Center prior to the issuance of the bonus.


The hospital provides free parking to the residents in the lot located next to the Family Medicine Center.