Who’s eligible?

Students must be admitted and actively enrolled to a pre-licensure registered nursing program at a school with a formal Aspiring Nurse Program partnership with WVU Medicine prior to the application deadline.

Is the Aspiring Nurse Program only for current nursing students?

Yes, candidates must be accepted and already enrolled in the eligible nursing program at a partner school.

Are all nursing programs eligible for inclusion in the Aspiring Nurse Program?

No, this program is specifically designed to support students for up to 2 years of pre-licensure RN programs. RN-to-BSN programs, LPN programs, and graduate programs are not eligible to participate.

How do prospective candidates apply?

Review eligibility criteria. If eligible, complete the application online.
After local nursing leadership review, potential candidates will complete an in-person interview with leadership from the local hospital.

Do students have to complete a FAFSA to be in the Aspiring Nurse Program?

No, the Aspiring Nurse Program is not based on individual financial aid status.

How much money do students receive?

Students may receive up to $25,000 over the course of their nursing program, dependent on time of entry into the Aspiring Nurse Program.

How are payments made?

Upon acceptance to the Aspiring Nurse Program and signing of a three-year work agreement, students not currently employed at WVU Medicine will be asked to complete a W-9 form and will receive payment installments of $5,000 by check.

If a student is a current WVU Medicine employee, the process varies (see below).

Are current WVU Medicine employees eligible to be in the Aspiring Nurse Program?

Yes, current WVU Medicine employees are eligible to apply for the Aspiring Nurse Program. Employees’ money for the Aspiring Nurse Program is paid through payroll and is to be considered earnings for the employee. Money paid for the Aspiring Nurse Program will be taxed appropriately.

Current employees are not able to participate in the Aspiring Nurse Program and seek tuition reimbursement concurrently.

Employees in the Aspiring Nurse Program commit to the same 3-year work agreement as external applicants, which does not begin until beginning work in a full-time, CAPE-eligible RN position. If a current employee has other work agreements in place with WVU Medicine, the 3-year work agreement obligation under the Aspiring Nurse Program will apply in addition to other existing work agreements.

What can the money be used for?

The money is intended to be used to support student needs throughout nursing school, which could include school expenses or other life expenses. Each student’s needs will vary, and the student will utilize discretion upon how best to handle the financial support provided by the Aspiring Nurse Program.

Is the money considered taxable income?

Yes, students receiving financial support through the Aspiring Nurse Program will be responsible for filing taxes and including the monies received as taxable income. Individuals not currently employed by WVU Medicine will receive a 1099 at the end of the year. Current WVU Medicine employees will receive the payments as earnings.

What is the work commitment?

Students participating in the Aspiring Nurse Program must agree to a work commitment with the partnering WVU Medicine facility for 3 years after graduating from the pre-licensure RN program.

The work agreement period is 3 years whether the student was accepted into the Aspiring Nurse Program in their first semester, second semester or third semester.
The work commitment will be upon graduation and successful completion of the NCLEX-RN exam, within a maximum amount of time of 90 days from graduation.

Students must work full-time in a CAPE-eligible RN role for the entire duration of the 3-year work agreement.

What happens if a student that received financial assistance does not finish school or does not fulfill their work agreement?

Students will be required to pay back the full amount of money paid to them plus interest, per the work agreement contract. This repayment may be paid immediately in one payment or over several payments including the principal balance plus interest in equal amortized monthly installments over a maximum of a 3-year period. This repayment is triggered immediately upon notice that the employee has defaulted from the requirements agreed upon in the work agreement contract.

If arrangements are not made or payments are missed, WVU Medicine will turn default agreements over for collections services.

What happens if a student has a bad semester due to a life event, but plans to stay in the nursing program to repeat a class?

WVU Medicine will utilize discretion to consider waiving a maximum of 1 unsuccessful semester on an individual basis.

The student must communicate to the hospital liaison the extenuating circumstances causing the unsuccessful outcome as soon as possible. The student will not receive duplicate funds for the unsuccessful semester when repeating the course, as outlined in the work agreement contract.

What if a student wants to transfer to another WVU Medicine facility before fulfilling the 3-year work agreement?

Upon agreement from both the sending and receiving hospital, WVU Medicine may approve a company transfer during the 3-year work agreement period. The 3-year work agreement would follow the employee to the receiving facility and remain enforceable until the entire work period obligation has been fulfilled.

Will payments be forgiven over time or do participants in the Aspiring Nurse Program have to fully complete the work commitment to have the payment forgiven?

The entirety of the money paid to the student will be required for repayment unless a full 3-year work agreement is completed, as outlined in the contract. It will not be pro-rated.

In what department will I work when I finish school?

Aspiring Nurses who complete the WVU Medicine Aspiring Nurse Program may apply to any open CAPE-eligible, direct-care, nursing positions at their partnered hospital.

Is my Aspiring Nurse Program application sent for consideration to all participating WVU Medicine hospitals?

Each participating WVU Medicine hospital’s application is for consideration to their hospital only. You are welcome to apply to multiple hospitals if you choose. Please report on your application if you will, or intend to, apply for other WVU Medicine hospitals’ Aspiring Nurse Programs.

Can I be in the Aspiring Nurse Program if I am taking “pre-nursing” courses, prerequisite courses, or completing corequisites early at my institution with the intention of applying to my institution’s nursing program later?

Prospective applicants must be admitted and actively enrolled in the partnered school’s pre-licensure nursing program.